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Popular Christmas toys help parents to choose the right and latest toys for their small kids. With this article, explore popular Christmas toys.

Popular Christmas Toys

Whenever you see red and green decorations, hanging wreaths on the doors, markets flooded with sweet treats, and a lot of party invitations in your letter box, comprehend that its Christmas time. Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is always a breathtaking experience. Apart from the marvelous ritual values it carries, there are different traditions attached to it. Although these traditions have their own charm but the emotions of fun, excitement, and joy is common amongst all. We all agree that this fiesta is quite special for everyone, especially kids. Everyone indulges in the true sprit of Christmas and enjoys a great jolly time. With each proceeding of the feast, the excitement rises on higher levels. As such, children actually wait eagerly to open the gifts placed under the Christmas tree. To choose the children's most desired Christmas toy, parents usually encounter a hard time and are unable to decide the right toy for them. Also, they get less time to search thoroughly in the market. However, there are some toys which are extremely popular amongst kids and are always appreciated and welcomed. Therefore, to help each one buy gifts for small lads, a list of popular Christmas toys is given below.

Air Hogs
They are awesome remote controlled toy air planes. They are found in shapes of helicopters, rockets, and zero gravity cars. They make perfect gifts for kids above 8 years of age. If you can spend some extra bucks, then you can opt for aero ace radio controlled plane or the hawk eye camera copter that have the functions of recording pictures and videos while in flight.

Air Blaster
It is basically a gun that shoots balls high up in the air. Air blasters are mostly liked by those who love playing "Policeman games". To your surprise, the balls released in the air do not cause any harm.

Bobble Head Doll
They are a very sweet gift for small girls. The unique thing about them is that they can be easily personalized by placing your child's picture inside the bobble. They are available in a good range like doctor bobble, sweetheart bobble, baseball bobble, etc.

Flying Disk
For the little ones who love to play in parks, flying disks are a prefect Christmas toy. They can be easily inflated either with helium or air. They are great entertainers by its funny movements and very safe for little children.

Puzzle Track Cars Set
The track in the set is puzzled and is formed by assembling all the pieces. Then, the kids can simply run the battery operated cars on the zigzag track.

Barbie Video Girl
Barbie is an all-time favorite amongst girls. Nowadays, Barbie dolls come with great innovations. The most popular is the one having hidden cameras in the necklace of Barbie. With this camera, your little princess can record videos to create everlasting memories.

LEGO Hogwarts
If your child is a crazy fan of Harry Potter, then this is a perfect gift for him/her. This comes in different themes with Hogwarts being the most famous of all. They offer great toys and games following a specific theme.

Apart from these different construction kits, Squinkies, toy musical instruments and battery operated Christmas toys are equally popular amongst kids.