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Christmas songs are one of the key ingredients of Christmas parties, without which the parties seem to be dull. Our Christmas songs section presents a list of Christmas songs and lyrics.

Christmas Songs

Whenever we come across the word Christmas, a joyous smile covers our faces. Christmas is all about smiles, giggles, happiness, and fun. Christmas is observed as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who is known to be the son of God and central figure of Christianity across the world. That is why; Christmas has a special religious importance for all Christians who celebrate this joyful day with immense fervor and gaiety. However, due to globalization, this holy festival has taken a new stature in the world exceeding the limits of any particular religion. The customary practices followed on this day include special Christmas church services, Christmas decorations, grand Christmas feasts, and huge gatherings. One of the major components of Christmas parties is Christmas songs. A Christmas song can be described as a song commonly sung during Christmas festivities. The lyrical content of this song is normally about Christmas festival or the snowy winter season.

Although, the songs are about Christmas, but they are quite different from Christmas carols as they are not very much conventional and religious in their nature. Many songs sung during this season are center around Christmas but they not carry any religious importance and hence, are categorized into the category of Christmas songs. Christmas songs actually reflect the cheerful spirits of Christmas when they are performed together in the presence of family and friends whilst enjoying great meals. These Christmas songs may differ in their genres, language, or music in accordance of the variation followed in different countries across the world. However, the positive aspect of these songs remains constant everywhere. Christmas songs are mostly composed by eminent artists, like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Gene Autry, and others. In the following segment, we bring you numerous Christmas songs to be played at parties and enjoyed to the fullest!

Famous Christmas Songs
Christmas is one of the most widely observed Christian festivals around the world. In most of the countries, Christmas is a yearly holiday celebrated on 25th of December to honor the birth of Jesus Christ on earth. This day actually marks the beginning of 12 long cheerful

Funny Christmas Songs
Christmas is the most awaited winter carnival of the year. This festival is observed on December 25 every year across the world. It honors the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on earth. It is one of the most significant occasions in the Christian festive calendar.

Christmas Songs For Kids
Christmas is the most important festival in the Christian festival calendar. It was earlier celebrated amongst Christians only, but due to globalization over the last two decades, this holy festival has evolved as an international festive occasion across the world.

Top 10 Christmas Songs
Christmas songs are one of the essential ingredients of Christmas celebrations. Christmas is a time for merrymaking, partying, enjoyment, and cheerful celebration across the world. Music or songs add a festive flavor to these celebrations. Christmas

Top 100 Christmas Songs
During Christmas, the season of merrymaking, people take immense pleasure in listening and downloading their favorite Christmas songs from the Web Christmas songs and carols like 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', 'Silent Night', are so heartwarming that they

Traditional Christmas Songs
Christmas is a fiesta of joy and jubilation. While decorating the house, performing religious customs, and preparing succulent Christmas delicacies are major components of every celebration, no festivity is complete and no joy is cheerful without some soothing