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Office Christmas party is a golden opportunity to bring together your office colleagues. Read this article to get office Christmas party ideas.

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas party is a golden opportunity to bring together your office colleagues. It is a chance to get acquainted with co-workers of other departments in your office. Christmas office party is a fantastic occasion to let loose all your tensions and enjoy the time during the festive season with your workplace buddies. If you are in-charged with the responsibility of arranging your office Christmas party, throw an enthralling party and enjoy partying with your workplace buddies and of course, your boss! In this article, we have provided some bright office Christmas party ideas. Read on.
  • Party invitation: Choose a Christmas party invitation that looks elegant that will make your colleagues look forward to attending the office Christmas party. An invitation with dazzling colored of blue, silver and white is pretty attractive! Since it is office Christmas party, you may choose to be a bit formal. Mention the date, venue and time of the party and also mention the theme of the party, if any.
  • Venue: You may either choose a big hall within your office premises or book a party hall away from your office. Whatever the choice is, make sure that the hall is big enough to accommodate the entire staff and is spacious enough so that people can freely move around. Do not clutter the hall by placing unnecessary and bulky furniture.
  • Time: Generally, Christmas office party is held one week prior to Christmas. After deciding the date, consult your co-workers to fix the party timings. Normally, Christmas is celebrated on the last day of the office (mostly Friday, in the afternoon) before the Christmas vacation commences.
  • Decoration: Office Christmas party generally has no theme. So, you may arrange the party hall in an elegant manner. Decorate the party hall with some beautiful ribbons and balloons. If your office Christmas party is a formal affair, decorate the tables with an attractive centerpiece of rich colored candles paired with mistletoe. If the party is informal, you may decorate the tables with some holiday paper plates and table cloths coupled with matching table toppers like symbolic holiday bells around the food.
  • Christmas tree: Get Christmas tree and place it in the middle of the party hall. Make sure that the size of the tree is according to the size of the hall. The Christmas tree should be of optimum size, that is, neither too small nor too large. Hang colorful ribbons, laces and colored bulbs in the Christmas tree. Engage the entire staff in decorating the tree so that the tree looks as attractive as possible. The Christmas tree should not be overloaded with the decorative items.
  • Food: For the office Christmas party, you may arrange a buffet table or have a sit down meal. Choose the one which suits your company's budget. Organize a Christmas feast with a menu that is common and is like by the entire staff. You may consult your co-workers for deciding the menu. If your company is budget conscious, you may include a starter, main course, side dish and dessert. Make sure that you have provided at least a couple of choices to choose from.
  • Beverages: Your company policy will decide whether alcohol should be included in the office Christmas party or not. If the company permits you to include alcohol in the party, then you may include a case of beer, a couple of bottles of red and white wine, and a couple of bottles of hard liquor in addition to the aerated drinks and fruit juices.
  • Party dress: Wearing formals in a holiday party looks awkward. So, if you have set any theme for the party, ask the staff to dress up in theme based costumes. However, some people may find it uncomfortable to come over wearing fancy dresses in their office party. So, it is better to keep flexibility in the dress code.
  • Entertainment: After the feast, it is the time to entertain the people in the party. Choose some interesting party games that are of interest to all the people. Trivia games are some of the best options for office Christmas party. Other popular office party games are 'Christmas Candy Jar', 'Stocking Memory' and 'Shave the Santa.' You may also videotape the guests and play some soothing background music all through the party.
  • Office Christmas party favors: Company favors should make the entire staff feel special about the party. Attractive snowflake gel candles coupled with silver metallic snowflakes make good company party favors. You may also think different from the usual by giving lighthearted novelty gifts such as a party hat or a t-shirt. Personalized glassware, tea-sets or crockery with your company's logo or name can also be given as company Christmas party favor.
Follow the above party ideas, arrange your office Christmas party and make the party the most memorable one!