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Read about various interesting Christmas quotes and sayings.

Christmas Quotes

Christmas is a juncture of fun, joy, and merriment for all Christians round the globe. According to Christmas traditions, this day commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the central figure of Christianity. Hence, this blessed day is considered to be the most significant day of the year in the Christian calendar. This blissful holiday is observed on December 25 every year with enormous gaiety and joviality. On this day, people decorate their homes, plan grand Christmas dinners with family, exchange Christmas gifts, and exchange holy Christmas wishes amongst each other. Talking of Christmas wishes, there are numerous ways to wish your near and dear ones, like sending poems, flowers, and cards. However, penning down a simple yet considerate quote on cards can enhance your sincere wishes.

Each person cherishes Christmas memories in their own unique ways. Similarly, many eminent authors and writers have been inspired by the delightful spirit of Christmas and have captured various Christmas emotions into some very good Christmas quotes. Given in this segment are some very interesting Christmas quotes. You can use them in a myriad of ways by writing them in cards, gift tags, and emails. A simple inspirational quote is sufficient to give a moral boost to your loved ones. To tease your friends and have a good laugh during Christmas, reciting or sending some funny Christmas quotes would absolutely be a good option. Whether you are gearing up for Christmas or preparing for a big Christmas party, you'll find the spirit of the season in each word of these quotes. Scroll down to explore some of the best Christmas quotes.

Best Christmas Quotes
Christmas is a great holiday time for people across the world. It falls on December 25 and has a significant meaning in Christianity as it honors the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Thus, this day is commemorated with enormous religious dedication and immense joy.

Christmas Card Quotes
Christmas card quotes add zing to the beautiful Christmas cards. Some quotes for Christmas cards are funny, while many others are inspirational. These quotes range from funny to inspirational, biblical quotes to hilarious jokes. Whatever the mood is,

Cute Christmas Quotes
This Christmas, if you are far away from your beloved ones and are badly missing the holidays at your native place, sending cute Christmas quotes to your near and dear is a nice idea to bridge the distance. A sense of warmth and innocence is attached to these cute Christmas quotations.

Famous Christmas Quotes
The festive season of Christmas is a time for the spread of joy, love and expressing your love and devotion for Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is the perfect time for extending your kindness and charity. It is also the time to exchange gifts and sharing some inspirational thoughts

Funny Christmas Quotes
Christmas is an international holiday celebrated globally on December 25 every year. It has a huge religious significance for Christians as it commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who is believed and worshipped as the creator of Christianity as well as the son of God. For most of us, Christmas is an occasion

Inspirational Christmas Quotes
Inspirational Christmas quotes, poems and stories tell us what is Christmas is all about. Inspirational quotes about Christmas remind us that the holiday season of Christmas is the perfect time to spread the message of love among the humankind,

Christmas Love Quotes
Christmas! Whenever we hear this word, an impression of merriment, happiness, and joy comes to our minds. In some or the other way, Christmas has had and will always hold an exceptional position in our hearts. Christmas is the best occasion to spread love,

Christmas Movie Quotes
Christmas has been a popular subject for Hollywood. Movies of various genres, particularly comedy and animation, are based on Christmas theme. The flicks released during the Christmas season require special mention- most of them have a tinge of Christmas.

Christmas Quotes For Friends
Christmas is an occasion for family reunions and having fun with friends. An awe-inspiring Christmas party can be a nice way to get back to your long lost old friends, revive your golden moments with them, and have a fun-filled holiday season. While you are partying,

Religious Christmas Quotes
Christmas is a religious observance for the Christians around the world. Every year, people eagerly wait for the holiday season to enjoy some of their glorious days in the whole year. The religious festival of Christmas is significant in life of every Christian.

Witty Christmas Quotes
Humor is the essence of life. It doesn't only bring a smile on everyone's faces but also adds a zing of freshness in our lives. Although many people believe that jokes are the best way to make someone giggle, but some witty and clever one-liners can do it in a better way.