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Office Christmas party games will set the festive party mood for the entire staff! Find out more about Christmas office party games in this article.

Office Christmas Party Games

Office Christmas party games will set the festive mood for the entire staff of your office! There is a wide variety of Christmas office party games that can please your co-workers- from hilarious holiday fun games to brain teasers. Who can forget the famous Christmas trivia games! They can hold the interest of your office gang throughout the party! Office Christmas party games are perfectly suitable both for larger office parties and small office get-togethers. Find out more about the popular Christmas office party games in this article.
  • 'Fill the candy jar': This is one of the most interesting office Christmas party games. The game play is very simple. One has to fill and seal a jar filled with Christmas candies and keep it over a place where the jar is visible to everyone throughout the party. Everyone in the party is given slips of paper to note down their guess of how many candies are in the jar. At the end of the party, the number of candies present in the jar is announced. The person whose guess was the closest to the actual number gets the jar of candy.
  • 'Shave the Santa': This is another popular office party game which is quiet hilarious. In this game, people are divided into pairs, with one Santa in each pair. Shaving cream is applied at the bottom of the face of each Santa and the other person is given a plastic spoon. When the match referee yells 'Go'! the shavers race to 'shave' their Santa by scraping all the shaving cream off their partner's faces using the plastic spoon. The pair with a 'clean-shaved' Santa is declared the winner.
  • 'Gift wrapping': In this game, people are divided into pairs and asked to stand around a table. Each pair is supplied with a piece of gift wrap paper, scissors, a roll of tape, ribbon and a box. The players in each pair are asked to stand with one arm around the other person throughout the game. When the match referee yells 'Go!' players must race to wrap their box with one person in each pair using the right hand and the other one using the left hand. The first pair to neatly wrap the gift box is declared the winner.
Play these office Christmas party games and have a mind-blowing Christmas party!