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There are traditions and customs associated with the celebration of Christmas. This article discusses the purpose behind its celebration.

Traditions & Customs

Christmas is a festival of harmony and love. It is celebrated across the globe with feelings of togetherness and brotherhood. It commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who was sent to earth to save mankind and spread the message of love and peace. Christmas arrives in the winter season, few days before the New Year. It is a time of great celebration and one can see different festivities across every part of the world. The whole season turns out to be a great time to celebrate with friends and family. People return to their homes and gather for family reunions. Christmas not only increases the bondage between relations, it is also a gallant way of welcoming New Year with prosperity and happiness. This magical time fills everyone's heart with joy and freshness. Christmas has become a global festival which is celebrated in almost every country. There are various customs and traditions associated with Christmas. These traditions of Christmas are influenced by dozens of cultures and took centuries to reach in their present form. These customs and traditions maintain the true essence of Christmas and narrate the actual purpose of Christmas. These customs and traditions of Christmas may vary from country to country but they all carry the same true faith. Some interesting customs and traditions are listed below.

Christmas Decorations
Christmas Traditions & CustomsChristmas decorations are an integral part of Christmas traditions. Christmas marks the season of festivities and hence, one can see beautiful decorations in every part of the city. The Christmas tree holds an important place in all Christmas decorations. These Christmas trees are beautifully adorned with bells, flowers, sweets, and gifts. Garlands, mistletoe, and wreaths are also used in decorations and create a festive atmosphere in the house.

Christmas Gifts
It is another age-old custom and is liked all kids. Christmas is the best season to gift your loved ones and show them your care and affection. Santa Claus is a part of this custom and is believed to arrive on every Christmas night and drop gifts for kids in every house. Children still believe this custom and hang stockings in the anticipation of receiving gifts from Santa.

Christmas Parties
It has become one of the most important traditions of Christmas celebrations in recent times. Splendid parties are hosted in houses and clubs. They serve as a ground of family reunions and get-togethers for relatives and friends. Music, dance, and gourmet food becomes the center of these parties.

Christmas Prayers
Christmas is a time of commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. People gather in churches and cathedrals to offer prayers and participate in masses. These prayers enhance the true meaning of Christmas. Midnight Mass, Vigil, and Mass at Dawn are some masses that are a part of Christmas customs and traditions.

Christmas Gifts
Christmas is a holy and blissful day when Jesus Christ was born to Mother Mary in a humble manger in the small town of Bethlehem, more than two thousand years ago. Since then, this day is commemorated as the birth anniversary of Christ, who is also known to

Christmas Poems
Christmas is one of the most significant festivals in the Christian calendar that is marked with much gusto and gaiety across the world. This holy occasion commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ and hence, is observed with immense devotion

Midnight Mass
Christmas marks the most significant and blissful festival in the Christian calendar as it commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. For this reason, it is celebrated with much fervor and gaiety across the world. As such, preparations begin months before