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Christmas cookies are the most liked and traditional aspect of Christmas. Find out more about Christmas cookies in the lines below.

Christmas Cookies

Imagine you wake up one morning and you smell a tempting fragrance. You rush towards the kitchen to find out what delicious and yummy is being cooked. You discover your mother is placing a tray full of cookies in the oven. This itself gives you an ultimate pleasure. Such is the feeling of Christmas season that is full of life, refreshing, and delighting. Sweets are one of the main aspects of every festival. As such, Christmas does not lag behind in pleasing people with tremendous varieties of luscious cookies. Christmas cookies are traditional, sugary, and very significant to this occasion. The word "cookie" is a Greek word, which means 'a small cake'. Christmas cookies are soft, delicious, and smooth. They are easy to cook and can be made in countless ways. They are available in various flavors and attractive shapes. Though they are a popular Christmas sweet today, but their history can be traced centuries back.

Christmas CookiesAround 10,000 years back, the Neolithic farmers used to bake food on hot stones with ingredients like grains and water paste. The cookies prepared today are believed to be a variation of this food. The recipe of Christmas cookies is assumed to be originated from Europe biscuits of the medieval times. Christmas biscuits became quite famous in Europe by the 16th century. In the 17th century, Christmas cookies were first brought to United States by the Dutch. Further, the term "cookies" first appeared in print in the year 1703. Between the years 1871 and 1906, a large number of cheap German products were imported to United States as a result of the change in importation laws; thus, cookie cutters became readily available in the American markets. Due to highly available cookie utensils in the market, the recipe was soon included in several cook books. Plus, a sweet Christmas tradition started in America in the 1930s, under which children used to leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Today, cookies are the prime sweets when it comes to Christmas. People urge to gorge on them. They are amazingly loved by people of all ages. Prepared with different ingredients, they are never out of fashion and are in constant demand during the feast. Christmas cookies are the most tempted snack during this holiday season. They are a surprise for kids as they offer hidden treats inside these delicious luscious sweet baked foods. The most popular Christmas cookies boast of gingerbread, Fattigmann, Pepparkakor, Springerle, and sugar cookies. Though they are available in awesome varieties, baking them at home gives an undefined pleasure. For this reason, people love preparing cookies in their kitchens rather than purchasing them from the bakeries. Get ready to welcome your guests with some yummy homemade Christmas cookies by browsing through this segment.