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Christmas bells are always associated with Christianity and churches. Here is an answer what it is so symbolic to associate bells with Christmas.


Bells are always associated with the churches and the religion of Christianity. It is said that with Christmas the use of large church bells to call the faithful to worship may have been started by Bishop Paulinus of Nola (431 A.D.) in Campania. For many, the holy sound of church bells ringing out on a Sunday morning brings to mind the commandments of the Lords. Their pitch and rhythm indicate joy, warning, or sorrow so that the community might rejoice with the joyful, and mourn with the sorrowful. Bells are symbolic of the harmony existing in the society. It acts as a medium between heaven and earth, bells and especially their clappers, represent communication and suspension between humans and God. New church bells have been dedicated and even baptized before being used. One legend states that the townspeople of Lochen, Holland neglected to baptize two church bells. So one day, the Devil grabbed these bells and buried them in the bottom of two ponds outside the town. Even today, on Christmas Eve, these bells may be heard ringing at midnight. In other European towns, the ringing of bells from churches that were swallowed up by earthquakes during worship services may be heard by putting one's ear to the ground on Christmas Eve.

Christmas BellsThe sound of bells announces the birth of Christ on earth. According to one medieval misconception it is said that the Devil died when Christ was born. If we go back to history we will see that the tradition of bells started way back to the Middle Ages in which bells were the only form of communication or sound to gather large crowds together. Even during church ceremonies bells would often be rung to signify a particular part in a service like a prayer or bowing to those who were outside the church and could not see what was going on so they would know how to participate. Through the ringing of a bell the importance of a bell is understood. In some churches, Easter was a 3-bell event, and Christmas was a 4-bell event. So bells play quite a vital part in the celebration of Christmas.