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Christmas mistletoe is also a very attractive Christmas decorative item. Decorating with Christmas mistletoe is very easy. Here is how.

Christmas Mistletoe Decoration

Christmas is one of the most significant festivals of the Christian community. This blissful day is observed as the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who is the known to be the central figure of Christianity worldwide. Christmas falls on December 25 every year and is celebrated with great religious fervor and festivity all across the world. Though there are some traditional customs related to the holy occasion of Christmas, but it has some superstitions related to it as well. Mistletoe, for example, has a vast historical as well as traditional significance associated with Christmas decorations. Mainly, mistletoe is an aerial parasite plant which lives on other trees.

The word "Mistletoe" is a combination of Anglo-Saxon words according to which, "Mistle" literally means 'dung' and "tan" means 'twig'. Hence, mistletoe is also called a dung-on-a-twig. In ancient times, it was believed that the mistletoe tree could propagate from bird droppings. As such, Christmas mistletoe conveys a special message that life can spring even from dung. One of the most important Christmas customs related to mistletoe is "Kissing under the Mistletoe". Primarily being a Greek custom, this tradition gradually gained popularity across the world. It was considered for bestowing life and fertility, and as a protection against poison and an aphrodisiac.

One can trace the use of mistletoe in decorations back to the pagan times (pre-Christian times) when they used it as a decorative item during winter solstice. Mistletoe is an evergreen plant which blooms in extreme winter conditions of Christmas and hence, is used as one of the most traditional Christmas decorations round the world. However, every country has its own way and concept of using Christmas mistletoe during Christmas celebrations and decorations. Christmas mistletoe is known to have special magical powers; therefore, during middle ages, branches of mistletoe were hung from the ceilings of houses to ward off evil spirits.

Christmas mistletoe is considered as a symbol of love, peace, and goodwill. Thus, its use in Christmas decorations represents the joyous revival and restoration of goodness. Though mistletoe is just a plant leaf, but it makes a very attractive Christmas decorative item. While decorating with mistletoe, you can either opt for old customs of hanging it from the ceiling or doorways, or use it in wreath for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. To play "kissing under mistletoe" you can hang it on a light fixture during Christmas celebrations. You can include few twigs of mistletoe while making floral garlands. These floral mistletoe garlands can either be used as specific decorations or be used on the Christmas tree which would give your decorations a new and refreshing look.