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To give ultimate pleasure and happiness to your kids this Christmas, opt for a Disney Christmas vacation. Go through this article to know more.

Disney Christmas Vacation

Want to have a magical and intriguing experience this Christmas? Do you want to escape from the real world and travel your family into a dream world? What could be better than visiting Disney these Christmas holidays? It is one of the most exciting destinations around the world, without a doubt, which should be given a visit at least once during your entire life. Cajole lighting and superb decorations snatch the eye balls of all visitors and land you into a world of dreams. The fusion of Christmas and Disney is simply outstanding to take kids into this fantasy world. Christmas is all about fun, joy, excitement, and high spirits; thus, the wonderful world of Disney becomes a perfect place to tour during this holy festival. You will be enthralled while staying at the Walt Disney World Resort, no matter how old you are. You will come across endless thrilling and enliven rides that will delight you entirely.

Disney offers an awesome time with the bubbly and entertaining characters you have always read only in stories, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Cinderella, Snow White, and Belle. This amazing world induces life in all the cartoon characters that we watch only on television. There are many theme parks and water parks in Disney that provoke you to leave the real world far behind you. What's more, this theme land offers numerous astonishing activities, like story-telling sessions, sparkling lights, hundreds of decorated trees, and lavish parties. You can shop immensely, picking up some fascinating memorabilia, and enjoy sumptuous delicacies. These reasons are enough to choose Disney as your Christmas vacation destination but if you are still not convinced completely, this list will surely give you goose bumps to change your decision.

The Spectacle of Lights
You will be amazed to see the magnificent lighting in Disney. There are over 5,000,000 lights illuminated on trees, rides, and all around the Disneyland. Year by year, the number of lights have been increasing. These sparkling colorful lights turn the night into a colorful day. As such, this illumination inhibits everlasting memories in the hearts of every visitor. New innovations are made every year evident from the lights dancing on the soothing music played all around Disneyland.

The Holly-Day Parade
It is a great event that you will love to rejoice throughout your life. All characters of Disney are dressed in Christmas attire and parade through the park. In between, they interact with kids and present them with sweets and candies.

The Harlem Gospel Choir and The Lights Of Winter
At the theater of the stars, the Harlem Gospel Choir performs the best music which enlightens and inspires the visitors deeply. "The Lights of Winter" is an awesome musical light show which will flatter and captivate you completely.