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Decorating Christmas wreath is as interesting as the legends connected with Christmas wreath. We have compiled some Christmas wreath legends.

Christmas Wreath Legends

Christmas season is on its full flow and you can see Christmas ornaments and trinkets everywhere. A very common custom of Christmas celebration is hanging beautiful Christmas wreaths on the front door or on the walls of houses. These Christmas wreaths symbolize good luck and wealth and are an integral part of festivities in Christmas. With the change in time, people have developed various new techniques to use Christmas wreaths. As such, there are various legends associated with Christmas wreaths. Some people believe that hanging Christmas wreaths down from the ceiling will help in warding off evil spirits, while others use these Christmas wreaths to decorate the entire house, right from the door to the Christmas tree. Here are some common Christmas wreath legends.
  • Since Christmas wreaths symbolize good luck and wealth, people love gifting them to their near and dear ones. This not only exudes a pleasurable feeling to the recipient but to the giver as well. By giving these Christmas wreaths, your well-wishers are actually praying for your good luck and wealth.
  • People hang these Christmas wreaths down from their ceilings to ward off evil spirits and protect their homes from any witches entering.
  • Romans crowned their Olympic winners with these wreath laurels. They were known for decorating their homes with evergreen wreaths during the mid-winter festival of Saturnalia.
  • Hanging wreaths on the front door is a very old custom that is being followed since hundreds of thousands of years.
  • The circular shape of a wreath has a very close relation with Christianity. Since a circle does not have any ends and beginning, a circular wreath symbolizes God’s eternity.
  • Advent wreaths are used to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and are a significant part of Christmas.
  • Early Germans used Christmas wreaths for their winter celebrations and hence, became a part of wreath legends.