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Exchanging funny Christmas gifts is the best way to celebrate the joyous festival. Check out ideas for funny Christmas presents.

Funny Christmas Gifts

Christmas holidays are all about having fun, enjoyment, and merriment all over the world. Christmas is commemorated to celebrate the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, who is known to be the central figure of Christianity. However, this delightful day is no more limited to any particular religion and has achieved a global significance over the last few decades. No matter what country they belong to and what religion they follow, Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by people of all groups across the globe. The traditional norms which signify the holy spirit of Christmas is great food, aesthetic decorations, and laughter. Giggling sounds of kids and merry making of people creates a delightful ambiance during the day. One of the most important components of Christmas norms is Christmas gifts. Christmas is all about sharing and spreading love, peace, and hilarity. In fact, gifts are a great way to convey your love and affection to your near and dear ones. And when gifts are combined with love, the numerous smiles you receive are a priceless gift that cannot compared to anything under the sky. Gifts filled with humor can make them memorize both the gift and sender. Now you must be thinking about presents that can be termed as funny Christmas gifts since there are a plethora of gift items available in the market as well as on online shopping portals. To ease your search, we have listed some funny, naughty yet lovable gift ideas for Christmas. Check them out!
  • A funny reindeer cap is a perfect gift to have a good laugh.
  • Mistletoe is auspicious and lucky during Christmas. Thus, make it more factual by gifting your loved ones with a mistletoe T-shirt.
  • Christmas is all about partying al night long and having drinks, so gift a Christmas drinking glove to your friends and make drinks handy for them.
  • A cute polar beer candy dispenser set would surely be loved by everyone in the house, especially kids. This funny gift will make them laugh and giggle each time they dispense candy from it.
  • Christmas funny boxing pen is a perfect Christmas gift for those who are associated with office work or college. This would not only make them laugh but also amuse other people.
  • The ultimate funny gift is a joke book and funny literature. This gift is a fool-proof item to save you if you are running out of time and ideas.
  • A funny hamburger phone is sure to be a gift that will bring smiles on everyone’s face each time it rings.
  • For those who love spaghetti a lot, gifting a set of twirling spaghetti fork would be ideal on Christmas.
  • Puzzle your friends by gifting them a puzzle alarm clock as Christmas gift.
  • Another sure-shot funny Christmas gift is chattering teeth that will create laughter riot amongst the entire gathering.
  • Gift a remote-controlled fart machine to your friends and help them make fun of others over a good laugh.
  • Shock stapler is another great choice for prank gifts. The person who will try to staple anything will get a mild shock, giving you umpteen chances to laugh on them.
  • Gift a backwards clock to your loved ones this Christmas to make them remember all the lovely moments and time spent together.
  • Gift a pair of funny ‘Freudian Slippers’ that work both ways, to make your loved ones relax and make them laugh too.
  • How about fooling your friends with some eatable items? ‘Inflatable Fruitcake or Turkey’ is a perfect gift under this category. They are re-usable as well as appear real.
  • Gift a cute and adorable musical Christmas chicken to your friends and family that sings famous Christmas carols for you. It is quite funny to listen a carol in the voice of a chicken.
  • Another special and funny gift on Christmas for your friends would be ‘Holy soap - The Soap with a Hole’. It’s a holy soap!