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Want to know the top ten worst Christmas gifts that can spoil anyone's festive mood. Explore the list of 10 worst Christmas presents for 2015 here.

Top Ten Worst Christmas Gifts

Whenever we think of Christmas, delightful glimpses of Christmas gifts come to our minds. Yes, Christmas is all about making merry, having fun, and exchanging memorable gifts. However, the word memorable stands for two perspectives, one is for the good sense and the other stands for a weird and wacky gift. Many people consider exchanging gifts as a gesture of love and care but sometimes they forget that their token of love can become an awkward and most embarrassing for the person receiving it. Though, funny Christmas gifts are something that we can laugh over but weird Christmas gifts have nothing to do with laughs. In the following text, we have listed top ten worst Christmas gifts ever that should be avoided while one is looking for Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Cross them out off your Christmas gift list.

Nose Hair Trimmer
Nothing is worst than gifting a nose hair trimmer on Christmas. It could be very embarrassing for the recipient of the gift.

Toilet Seat
Another bad Christmas gift is a toilet seat to someone. However, rather than embarrassing it would be a fun event when everyone can have a good laugh over the gift as well as the recipient.

Christmas Music CD
Although everyone plays music on Christmas while partying but gifting a Christmas Music CD as Christmas gift to someone is not at all a good idea. Everyone expects something special as their Christmas gift but Christmas music is something that most of us already have. Hence, keep away from it!

Dental Floss
Gifting a pack of Dental Floss is one of the worst Christmas gifts for people you love. In fact, this stupid gift can even make them into situations of embarrassment in front of everyone. So never give it to anybody on Christmas.

Facial Hair Lightening Cream
Even if someone has a chronic problem of facial hair, but never give a pack of facial hair lightening cream to him/her as it is not counted as a good gesture. This act can actually attack their personal problems for which they are already aware of.

Diet Pills or Diet Foods
Gifting a set of diet pills or diet food to someone who is considerably fat in your friend circle, family, or relatives, is yet again a bad gift idea for Christmas. This gift can actually hurt his/her feelings and would be considered as interference in their private lives.

A pair of plain white socks is also considered as a very bad choice amongst Christmas gifts options. This is something that everyone already has and normally Christmas is a time to present special gifts and not to load up the collection of things you already boast of.

Gifting a pair of underwear, undergarments, or funny boxers is a dreadful idea for Christmas gifts. Although it is something that everyone needs but it feels really creepy and awkward to see a close relative picking out your undergarments. So, never ever give underwear as a Christmas gift to any of your relatives.

Toilet Brush
Giving a toilet brush holds the topmost position in the list of worst Christmas gifts ever. Gifting it can seem to be funny but it can sometimes worsen the situation when someone doesn't accept it as a joke. So, beware of picking up a toilet brush as Christmas gift to anyone.