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Get some wonderful ideas for Christmas party family games.

Christmas Party Family Games

Christmas party games are the element of fun in every Christmas celebration. Family Christmas games can be enjoyed equally by both the seniors and juniors in your family if the games are exciting enough to arouse interest in everybody. Unique Christmas party ideas combined with interesting and thrilling family Christmas party games can create lasting impressions on your Christmas visitors. Here are some family Christmas party games that can make the party experience even more thrilling. Read on.

'Family trivia'
Remember the good old board game 'Trivial Pursuit' board game? Well, 'family trivia' is perhaps the homemade version of the popular board game. You can easily create the board at your home. This game is a fair reason to learn the finer points of your family. Read on to know the procedure and how the game is played.

Things you need:
  • Colorful index cards
  • Pens of different colors
Estimated duration of the game: 1 hour

How to play:
  • Write down all the possible finer details that can be asked to others. For instance, 'When did Emily have a hairline fracture for the first time'? , 'What is the name of the second child of our youngest uncle?' and so on.
  • Now, decide whether you want to play individually or split into teams.
  • Keep a paper and a pencil handy so that each time you can note down the point scored by each person/team.
  • Family trivia can be played either individually or in a team. This game can be played either in the board or as a quiz contest.
  • The team who gives correct answers to the maximum number of questions wins the game.
'Identify the Christmas song'
This is a very exciting indoor family Christmas party game and a game that is closely related to the festival of Christmas. The game is all about guessing the Christmas song that is played in bits.

Things you need:
  • An audio CD/cassette of Christmas songs
  • CD player/ tape recorder
Estimated duration of the game: 1 hour

How to play:
  • Divide your family into two teams. You can either keep the seniors and juniors in two separate teams or choose a combination of seniors and juniors in each team. Whatever the way you divide the team, make sure that both the teams are worth giving a head-to-head competition.
  • Now, it is the time to start the game. Play a few seconds of any Christmas song. To start with, play some simple and Christmas songs that are known to everyone. You may increase the difficulty level as the game progresses.
  • Now, identify who guesses the song first. The marks shall be awarded to the team whose member makes the right guess.
  • After finishing a couple of rounds of simple songs, it is the time to make the game more challenging. Ask the players to guess the artist of the Christmas songs or the year of release of a particular song.
  • The team who wins the maximum points wins the game.