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Christmas party games for kids make the party experience more enjoyable and adorable. Given here are some cute Christmas party games for kids.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way!" Surely, it's a warming moment to see children singing this song while running out of the school before Christmas holidays. Christmas for children is very special as they get a sigh of relief from their schools with no tension of books, homework, or exams. They extensively dive in the celebration spirit and participate in each preparation of the festival. During Christmas, many people plan Christmas parties, not only for adults, but also for small lads. These parties are made special and exclusive by including some rocking Christmas party games for kids. These games allow children to experience unending excitement and bring priceless happiness on their faces. They add extravagant fun and frolic to the party atmosphere. Seeing the little ones participating is an altogether a magnificent delighting view. In the following lines, some great Christmas party games for kids are given.

Candy Cane Pass (relay race)

Things Required
  • 4 candy canes per team
How To Play
Each player will be given four candy canes and asked to hold them in between his fingers. The player, now, has to pass these candies down the line, from one player to another without letting them fall on the ground.

Rudolph Dash

Things Required
  • Vaseline
  • Red colored paper circles
How To Play
Apply Vaseline on the nose of each participant and then place a red paper circle on their noses. The participants have to race from one point to the other without letting the circle fall off. If it falls, then the participant has to run back to the bowl, apply some more Vaseline and place the red circle again to rejoin the race. The participant to complete the race in the shortest time wins.

Fill the Christmas Stocking

Things Required
  • Stockings
  • Spoon
  • Bowl for each team
  • Wrapped Candies
How To Play
Divide the kids into teams and line up the kids at one end of the party hall. On the other end, hang one Christmas stocking for every team. Place a bowl full of candies and a spoon in front of each team. Each child has to take a candy in a spoon, turn around and run, carrying the candy on the spoon, towards the stocking and drop the candy in the stocking. He then has to come back and give spoon to the other team mate who will continue the same. The team with more number of candies wins.

Santa Says
Any adult in the party can become a "Santa". When the Santa asks to hop, all the kids present will start hopping on one leg. When he asks to stop, everybody stops. Similarly, the children will have to follow the instructions of the Santa.

Snowball Dance
This game is for teenage or older kids. All small girls present in the party will stand on one side while boys on the other side. One girl and one boy start dancing and after a minute or two, they choose new partners. This will continue until every kid present in the party is on the dance floor.