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Christmas party games for teens are the icebreakers for the enthusiastic adolescents who want to fill fun and thrill to their Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Party Games For Teens

During the Christmas season, when the elderly members of your family are busy in their preparations for Christmas, when your juniors are doing their piece of work by hanging stockings and fantasizing about their Christmas gifts, you may wonder what to do as you are neither too young to engage yourself in kid's activities, nor too old to take up the tasks done by the 'matured' group of people. Well, we have a bright idea for you- Christmas party games. They are the ice-breakers that can fill the element of fun and thrill in your Christmas celebrations. Here in this article, we provide you some of the popular Christmas party games for teens. Read on.

'What is in the stocking?'

Estimated time duration: Half an hour

Things required:
  • Christmas stockings- 3-4
  • Christmas ornaments, candy canes, mistletoe
  • Ribbon
  • Stop watch.
How to play:
  • Divide your group into two or more teams with 3-5 people in each team.
  • Fill some Christmas stockings with holiday objects like candy canes, ornaments, mistletoe etc. and tie them tightly with ribbon. Give each team a Christmas stocking.
  • Set a time limit, say three minutes to let each team feel their stocking and write down the objects they could identify by touching them.
  • The team that identifies the most number of correct items wins the game.
Make the popcorn chain:

Estimated time duration: Twenty minutes

Things required:
  • A bowl of popcorn
  • A needle
  • Red or green thread
  • Stop watch
How to play:
  • The participants are given a bowl of pop corn and a needle threaded with green or red thread.
  • The stop watch is set for three minutes and each player is asked to string as many pieces of popcorn onto their thread before they run out of time.
  • When the time is out, the number of popcorns in each thread is counted.
  • The player with most popcorn on their chain is declared as the winner.