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Gift your loved ones with an amazing collection of homemade gifts, filled with love, care, and affection. Go through this piece for gift and craft ideas.

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Just as the month of December begins, families get engaged in the race to finish off with the preparations of Christmas. While male members get busy with preparing the shopping and guest list, females, on the other hand, are engrossed in cooking delightful dishes. Apart from these traditional Christmas traditions, there's another custom that plays a significant role on this occasion - gift giving. Christmas is a time to make merry and rejoice the birth of savior, but for people who are cash restrained, all these may seem to be an expensive bargain. Even for those who are well-off, the need for buying all the requirements to accomplish the arrangements turns their stuffed pockets into empty sacks. In these circumstances, gifting becomes more of a headache than an expression. It is here that homemade crafts enter. Homemade crafts are best to gift as they pinch less on one's pockets and look extremely adorable. People love to receive homemade crafts as gifts because they truly express love and affection of the giver. Homemade crafts can also be employed to adorn a part of the house. They offer brilliant opportunities to come out with hidden creativity. Listed here are some easy homemade crafts for you to make a choice from.
Ornaments Tree
Treasure Gift Box

Materials Required
  • Small Wooden Box
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Brush
  • Tacky Glue
  • Assorted Decorating Supplies (magazine pictures, stickers, wrapping paper or plastic toys)
  • Nontoxic Acrylic Sealer
  • Take a box and apply a light layer of paint on it. Keep aside to dry.
  • While the paint is drying, select a particular theme to decorate the box in, such as snow, marine life, jungle safari, etc. Collect all the fitting decorating items required.
  • Once the color on the box dries, glue each of the decorating items onto the desired location on the exterior of the box. You can also place some inside the box.
  • After you are done with pasting all the decoration supplies, apply a coat of acrylic sealer using a paint brush to secure the adornments.
  • You can gift this box to your loved ones by placing some treasures, like chocolates, jewelry, etc.
Christmas Tree Balloons

Materials Required
  • Balloons (small and round)
  • Liquid Starch
  • Newspapers (little pieces)
  • Seeds
  • Glue
  • Paint (desired color)
  • Matches
  • Lace
  • Blow balloons in small size, preferably of your palm.
  • Spread starch all over the balloons.
  • Place small pieces of newspaper over the balloons to cover them completely. Set aside to dry.
  • Repeat the same procedure, three times.
  • When the newspaper is completely dried, pop them out of the balloons.
  • Decorate the balloons with the help of various seeds, using glue.
  • Paint the balloons, preferably with one color only.
  • Tie laces on the matches.
  • Keep these matches inside any balloon’s ornaments so that they fix well and act as a hanger.
  • Hang these balloons on the Christmas tree.
Santa Hat Ornament

Materials Required
  • Red Cloth
  • Ribbon
  • Cotton Balls or Fiber Fill
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Cut out small triangle-shaped pieces from the red cloth using scissors.
  • Shape the top of this cloth flat and the bottom as round.
  • Take ribbon and cut into a 12-inch size. Tie this ribbon into the circle and using glue, stick it to the top of the triangle-shaped cloth.
  • Roll this cloth in a shape of a cone. Secure the edges using glue.
  • Ensure that the ribbon sticks to the top and is emerging out.
  • Take cotton balls and stick them around the edges of the hat.
  • Glue one cotton ball at the top of the hat. Make sure that the ribbon remains at its original position.
  • The Santa hat ornament is ready. You can personalize it by writing your name or simply “Merry Christmas” using paints.