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Christmas crafting requires some skill and a little bit of creativity. Here are few Christmas ornaments craft ideas for you.

Christmas Ornaments Craft

Decoration of Christmas tree is an important and interesting activity of the Christmas season. Beautiful Christmas ornaments are readily available in the markets during the Christmas season. People of all ages- from kids to adults- have immense pleasure in decorating the traditional Christmas tree with these sparkling ornaments. However, we say that the real pleasure lies in making these Christmas ornaments at home. Christmas crafting requires some skill and a little bit of creativity. We are sure that Christmas ornaments craft ideas provided in this article will be quite useful and interesting for you. Read on.

Pinecone angel ornaments
Pinecone Christmas craft is very simple and interesting. You can create cute angel ornaments, elf ornaments, and various other cute ornaments using pinecone. Talking about pinecone angel ornaments, there are many ideas for creating the ornament. Here is one of them.

Materials required:
  • Medium sized pinecone
  • A wooden bead, about half inch in size.
  • One silver or gold pipe cleaner
  • Two silver or gold foil leaves
  • Acrylic paints- red, flesh tone, black
  • Metallic cord, four inches in size
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paint the entire wooden bead thoroughly with the flesh toned acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.
  • Paint the eyes and nose of the angel on the wooden bead with black paint and use red paint to paint the cheeks. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Stick the wooden bead to the wide end (bottom) of the pinecone using glue. Make sure that there is plenty of glue at the bottom of the cone so that the wooden bead gets glued to it strongly.
  • Cut the pipe cleaner into three pieces, two pieces each measuring half inch, and a two-inch piece. Now, glue the two small (1/2 inch) pieces in the front of the pinecone, slightly below the wooden bead. These form the angel arms.
  • Make a small circle out of the two-inch pipe cleaner by twisting it and then, glue it to the top of the wooden bead to form a halo.
  • To make the wings of the angel, glue the foil leaves on either side of the pinecone.
  • Glue the metallic cord at the back of the pinecone at the top in order to form a hanging loop.
Wooden clothespin Christmas ornaments
Making clothespin Christmas ornaments is a total fun. A variety of Christmas ornaments can be made using the wooden clothespins available in the markets. Here is one of them.

Materials required:
  • Wooden roundhead clothespins
  • Black felt pen
  • Fabric scraps
  • Lace scraps
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbons
  • Floss/yarn/thread
  • Draw faces onto the round portion of your wooden clothespins with the black felt pen.
  • Make bright, chic dresses for your clothespins using the fabric scrap. Make scarves and hats out of the pieces of scraps and glue the lace scraps for the clothespins.
  • Affix floss, thread, or strands of yarn onto the clothespins for hair of the ornaments, using the craft glue and allow it to dry.
  • Take few pieces of ribbons, each 5-6 inches and knot the ends of the ribbons. Glue them to the back of the clothespin ornaments and allow them to dry completely.
  • Now, your wooden clothespin ornaments are ready to be hung on your Christmas tree!