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Simple Christmas crafts are not expensive and look so attractive when made properly. Read on to get some simple Christmas craft ideas.

Simple Christmas Crafts

More than being a festival of peace and harmony, Christmas is an occasion of creativity and celebrations. It is a time of squeezing out the most of your creativity and imagination. Christmas gives you an opportunity to use your creative skills and innovative ideas to make Christmas crafts. Crafts are easy way to express your feelings and add fun to Christmas festivities. These crafts can be used to gift each other and in Christmas decorations as well. Handmade crafts celebrate the true spirit of Christmas. If exchanged amongst each other, crafts bring people close to each other and strengthen the bond. Simple Christmas crafts are suitable for young kids and keep them busy for longer durations. Some of them include Rudolph ornaments, candy cane Rudolph, Christmas puppets, cotton snowflakes, miniature Christmas tree, pinecone bird feeder, Christmas gift baskets, and personalized Christmas stockings. These crafts are simple to make and easy to use. All you need is some materials and lots of creativity. Given here are some simple Christmas crafts that you can make on Christmas.
  • Gift baskets are one of the simplest Christmas crafts that you can make without much difficulty. Decorating gift baskets is easier. All you have to do is attach some colorful ribbon to the tip of the basket with glue. Twist the ribbon in a narrow rope and glue it around the rim. Finally, secure the ends by dabbing glue.
  • Simple kids garland is another simple Christmas craft that you can indulge in at home. You will require materials, like ribbon, glitter glues in different colors, stickers cotton balls, stamps, markers, craft gems, and hole punch. Cut out different forms, hole punch the forms, and tie with ribbon. Your kids can easily make these simple garlands.
  • You can surprise your kids with customized Christmas stockings. Embroideries can be done on Christmas stockings to make it more special. You can add a personal touch to these stockings by writing the names of your kids with glitter glue pens and stuff them with small gifts.
  • Another simple craft that you can try on Christmas is shining snowball ornament that can be made from Styrofoam balls. Start by covering the Styrofoam ball with pushpins and attach satin ribbon for hanging. Make a small loop and secure the loop tightly by using one of the pushpins. You can give a sparkling effect to the ornament by spraying glittering spray paint. Once dried, your ball is ready for hanging.