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The interest of children in making Christmas paper crafts is increasing with time. Read this article to know how to make paper Christmas crafts.

Christmas Paper Crafts

The most common activity carried out by children during the Christmas holiday season is crafting. Children simply love to make beautiful Christmas paper crafts to use them as decorations for the home, windows and tree. The interest of children in making Christmas paper crafts is increasing with time, so is the variety of these crafts. Beautiful bell ornaments, globe lanterns, tree toppers can be made out of paper in no time! All you need is a little bit of creativity and some efforts. Read on to know how to make paper Christmas crafts.

Paper lanterns: Making paper lanterns is fun for all ages. This kind of paper Christmas crafts can be made easily. They are simple, but attractive. Cylinder lanterns and globe lanterns are two types of paper lanterns.

How to make a cylinder lantern?

Things required:
  • Wallpaper scraps
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape or stapler
  • Glitters
  • Crayons or color pencils
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Cut the wallpaper scrap in the shape of a rectangle. The recommended size of the rectangular paper is 8X 11.5
  • Cut off a strip about half inch from the shorter edge of the paper to make a handle for the cylinder lantern. Keep the piece of paper for later use.
  • In order to make the body of the cylinder lantern, fold the paper in half lengthways. While you are folding, make sure that the patterned side of the paper is on the outside.
  • Make vertical cuts from the folded edge, cutting towards the unfolded edge of the paper. Stop cutting when you reach the non-folded end of the paper. Ensure that the vertical cuts are half an inch apart from each other.
  • Unfold the paper and bring the corners of the paper together width-ways in order to form a cylinder crease-side out.
  • Glue or tape or staple the edges of the paper together.
  • Affix the handle to the top and hang your paper lantern.
  • To beautify the paper lantern, glue some pictures or color the lantern using crayons or color pencils.
How to make globe lantern?

Things required:
  • Three sheets of lightweight paper
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue or tape
  • Crayons, color pencil or marker
  • Two craft sticks
  • Paper clip
  • Take the three sheets of paper and glue or tape them together, lengthwise, from end to end in order to make a long sheet.
  • Fold the long sheet half, lengthwise.
  • Color on the outside of the paper on both sides. You may also draw pictures on both the sides.
  • Start folding the paper lengthwise, from one end and fold it just as you fold the paper to make a paper fan. (1/2 inch one way and the next fold ½ inch the other way.) While you are folding the paper, make sure that it is well creased.
  • Separate the two sides of the paper.
  • Unfold the entire sheet a little bit and then again refold each side of the sheet separately. Refold the paper as to make a v-shaped sheet, with one fold at the top and two edges.
  • Again, press on all the folds
  • To secure the globe, take a needle and a long piece of thread.
  • Insert the needle in each fold of one edge of the paper leaving 1 inch of thread hanging loosely.
  • Repeat the above step once more.
  • Tie off the thread with about 1 inch loose at both the end of the folds.
  • Repeat passing the needle on the second edge.
  • Pull out the folded edges of the paper as to unfold in the form of a circle.
  • In order to make a hook for the globe lantern, you need to use the craft sticks and a paper clip. Punch a hold through the sticks and then place each of the craft sticks on either end of the globe.
  • Tie a strong thread or a string through the holes of the stick and hence, through the globe.
  • Make a hook out of the paper clip and tie it to the string/thread at the top of your globe.
  • To beautify the lantern, use a small flashlight or a Christmas light.
  • Your paper globe lantern is ready to use!
Making paper Christmas crafts is a recreational activity that is a total fun for all ages. So, this Christmas, make two of the above Christmas paper crafts and beautify your home with these decorative items!