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Though Christmas arrives in summer in Australia, but the spirits and frolic remain the same. Learn about Australian Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Celebration In Australia

Santa Claus is welcomed wholeheartedly all around the world. For majority of the people, Christmas is the most holy time to celebrate the birth of Jesus with great mirth and jazz. Talking about Christmas celebrations in Australia, a magnificent image of ultra joy, glare, glimmer, and elation flashes in all eyes, just like other parts of the world. The major difference in the Australian Christmas and Christmas celebrated across the world is the climatic conditions; while most countries celebrate it amidst heavy snow bed, Australia experiences a hot weather at this time. However, the warm weather does not hamper the excitement of Australians; rather it becomes a major attraction of the summer vacations, with children eagerly waiting to wind up their schools to enjoy the bliss and merriment of Christmas. For kids, it is a great time to end up all the school homework and projects, and step into the season of spending a joyful time with family and friends, do shopping and plant "The Day".

Christmas Celebration in South AmericaThough the history of Sydney suggests that the first official Christmas was celebrated at Sydney Cove on 25 December, 1788 by Reverend Johnson, but the tradition of observing Christmas actually started in 1937. Australians gather in the Melbourne city and sing Christmas carols by candle light. Looking at those twinkling candles under the dark sky, one can discovers a lavish and incredible view. After the candle lighting, families go back to their homes and unwrap the gifts placed under the Christmas tree. They lovably wish each other "Merry Christmas". The morning starts off with visits to the church. Thereafter, the entire day is generally spent outside the house either in the backyards, pleasant gardens, or on striking beaches. The night is called out with a traditional Christmas dinner. The menu of Christmas food in Australia boasts of glazed ham, duck or turkey, salads, seafood, cold chicken, cold deli meat, deserts, and ice creams. Christmas edibles are also quite popular such as mince, cake, chocolates, etc.

Australia resides a cordial mix of cultures, with people linked to Europe, Spain, Italy, Northern England, Ireland, Greece, Scotland, France, Middle East, Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, as well as North and South America. As such, this festival is celebrated with varied colors, customs, and rituals elevating the ardor to great heights. Therefore, Australia witnesses a culturally diverse Christmas being celebrated. People organize break-up parties, lads write letters to Santa Claus, malls and streets are filled with flamboyant festive decorations. People purchase beautiful Christmas trees as one of the first home decorations. The traditional Australian Christmas tree is a native Christmas bush plant with attractive red flowered leaves. They embellish it with great fervor and glee. Children learn Christmas carols to sing while the adults decorate the tree. Just like most other nations, Australia, too, observes a Father Christmas Day. Christmas festivities end with lots of joyful long-lasting memories.