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Although the majority of population in Thailand is Buddhists, the Thai people keenly take part in Christmas celebrations in Thailand.

Christmas in Thailand

December is that part of the year when shopping malls and houses are beautified with Christmas decorations and further highlighted with enthusiastic Christmas songs like "Jingle Bells" and "Santa's Coming to Town". One of the most marvelous and blessed occasions, Christmas is celebrated with immense splendor and grandeur across the world. Over the years, this holy occasion has gained immense global recognition with almost all countries marking this festival, though on a small level. One such nation that has just started off with celebrating Christmas is Thailand. Predominantly being a Buddhist country, Thailand witnesses a sense of spiritualism and gusto in the atmosphere are Christmas draws closer. With just a handful of Christians residing in Thailand, people actively participate in various Christmas activities and traditions. However, Christmas is not a public holiday in Thailand, but it surely gives an opportunity to indulge in loads of fun with family and friends.

In Thailand, majority of Christmas activities are restricted to schools only. However, the fun element can be felt in the eyes of all school children who can be spotted singing, dancing, and playing various party games on this occasion. Children sing Christmas carols and act in various Christmas related plays. Christmas celebrations can be mainly experienced in the capital and culture center of Thailand - Bangkok. The attractive decorations and various light displays across the city add to the festivities leaving the onlookers spellbound and mesmerized. Shops and malls, decorated specially for the occasion, sell Christmas goodies and accessories. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees are set up along the roadside of many streets to attract customers and visitors. It is the knack of Thai people to accept various Christmas customs and give them a Thai spin. It will be not long when Christmas will turn into a major festival in Thailand.