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Christmas in Philippines is a very long holiday season. Read this article to know more about Christmas in the Philippines.

Christmas in the Philippines

The island nation, Philippines, has earned the distinction of celebrating the longest Christmas season in the whole world. Christmas in Philippines is thus a very important holiday season. The Filipino people eagerly look forward to the holiday season. The national holiday of Christmas is celebrated with utmost passion, love, and devotion. Although the customs for celebration of Christmas in the Philippines have been influenced by the European traditions, Philippines has evolved its own unique ways to celebrate Christmas. Read on to know more about Christmas in the Philippines.

The Christmas star, locally known as Parol, is an important Christmas decoration used in the Philippines, which is given more importance than the traditional Christmas tree. Parols could be seen everywhere during the Christmas season- from malls to offices to homes. Parol-making contests are also held in some places during the season in Philippines, where people create spectacular light displays using Parols. These light displays are even kept for sale after the contest.

The Philippine Catholic tradition called as Misa de Gallo (Mass at Cock's Crow) is known as Simbang Gabi in the local dialect. Starting on December 16, the Mass is held early in the morning. A large number of people would go to their local Catholic congregation to attend the Mass. This unique Filipino tradition has been followed since ages. Christmas carols are heard everywhere in the country during the holiday season. A gang of little kids goes from house to house singing old Filipino Christmas carols.

The Christmas delicacies of Philippines deserve special mention. During the cold winter nights, the Filipino people would cook 'bibingka' and 'puto bumbong' that are served on banana leaves with butter or margarine and grated coconut meat. The Christmas Eve is celebrated by the Filipino families at their homes. The traditional Christmas dinner called as Noche Buena is enjoyed by the family members at midnight. It is a time for thanksgiving and family get together in which gifts are also exchanged. Inviting close friends and relatives for Noche Buena is often a great honor for the Filipino families.

Christmas in Philippines is worth watching! The Philippine Islands become a tourist attraction at the time of Christmas. Lavish Christmas decorations, the rhythm of Christmas Mass, the gong of Christmas bells, and the aroma of the mouth-watering Christmas delicacies make the festival of Christmas a very special occasion in the Philippines.