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Christmas in Canada is all about giving and sharing. Here are some interesting facts about celebration of Christmas in Canada.

Christmas in Canada

Christmas celebrations in Canada are observed with great fanfare and enthusiasm. Christmas is, in fact, the most popular festival in Canada. Like the rest of the world, Christmas in Canada had religious bearings but during the late 19th century, the festival took the shape of a community festival. Today, the holiday season of Christmas in the country is the time for merrymaking and enjoyment. Here are some more interesting facts about celebration of Christmas in Canada. Read on.

People of various nationalities like French people, the Ukrainians, English, and Germans have been residing in Canada. The multi-cultural atmosphere of Christmas in Canada makes it all more interesting. People in urban areas of Canada celebrate the festival much similar to the Americans. Meanwhile, the Scottish highlanders settled in Nova Scotia celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas carols and songs early in the morning on the Christmas Eve. On the other hand, dance, music, and gift-giving parties represent the way of celebrating the big winter festival called 'Sinck Tuck' by Eskimos in Canada.

During the twelve days of Christmas in Canada, small groups of masked mummers known as 'belnicklers', go from house to house making weird noises and actions, and by ringing bells and asking for candy or other treats. They rather behave riotously! If the hosts are able to guess who the mummers are, they remove the mask and stop behaving wildly. The mummers interview the children and inquire whether they had been good all through the year or showed any misbehavior. If they had been good, the mummers rewarded the children with candies.

Christmas celebrations in Quebec, the largest province in Canada (area wise), is marked by home decorations and the set up of the nativity scenes. Midnight Mass is also conducted after which, everyone who attended the Mass is served with pork pie or tourtiere. Christmas dinner in Canada is known as 'Reveillon.' The menu for the Christmas dinner include roast turkey, vegetables, sauces and a rich and fruity Christmas pudding served with brandy sauce, as the dessert. Dried fruits, nuts and mince pies are also included in the menu.

Christmas in Canada has come a long way from being a religious festival to a community festival. You may not find the Christmas trees loaded with gifts in the log cabins of Canada. But, the small log cabins are filled with love. Christmas in Canada is all about giving and sharing.