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Fun Christmas games are enjoyed by all. The funny Christmas games given in this article will enliven your Christmas party.

Fun Christmas Party Games

Games are no more for kids. Come Christmas, and you will notice adults, both younger and older, enjoying the Christmas party games with their kids! Christmas games are as such! Age is not a barrier when it comes to Christmas party games. And when the games are funny, they easily become the centre of attraction for kids and their older family members. Fun Christmas games are enjoyed by all. The funny Christmas games given in this article are funny enough to enliven your Christmas party and tickle your holiday spirits. Read on.

Box game: This is one of the most funny and exciting Christmas party games. In the box game, the players race to open a gift wrapped in several layers. The funny element of this game is that the players have to unwrap the gift wearing oven mitts, a hat, and scarf.

Number of players: 4-6

Things required: Small gifts, gift wrappers, gift boxes, stop watch

How to play the game:
Wrap small gifts; say audio tapes or chocolate bars in gift-wrap. Then, wrap these in boxes, followed by a succession of larger boxes. Don't tell anyone about the number of boxes wrapped and keep the gifts secret. Now, get a coat, a pair of oven mitts, a scarf, and a hat for each player. Ask the players to stand in a circle. Supply the gifts to the players. Set a time limit, within which the players should open their gift. Keep the time limit low, say one or two minutes, so that they do it fast. When you yell, 'Go,' the players should start unwrapping the gifts given to them. Note the time limit within which each player finishes unwrapping the gift box. The player who opens his/her gift box in the minimum time duration wins the game! The winner is awarded the gift, which he/she has unwrapped.

'What is in the stockings': This is yet another fun Christmas game. The objective of the game is to recognize the stuff inside the stockings. The funny element of the game is that the open end of the stocking is closed! The players have to 'feel' the stuffing and then note down the name of the object within the set time limit.

Number of players: 4-6

Things required: Woolen stockings, few Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas stars, holly, pine cone and candies, sheets of papers, and pens.

How to play: Get woolen Christmas stockings as many as the number of players. Divide your guests into groups of two. Now, stuff the stockings, each having different variety of objects. Supply sheets of paper and pens to the players. Tie the open end of the stockings with ribbons. Now, ask each team to feel the stuff inside the stocking given to them and note down the objects they could find in the filling. Set a time limit; say two minutes within which the teams have to note down as many objects as possible. When the given time is over, collect the sheets of paper and find out which team has recognized the maximum number of stuff inside their stockings. The team with maximum number of items in their list of objects recognized wins the game! The winning team is awarded all the stuff inside their stocking.

To increase the difficulty level, you may ask one player in each team to find out the objects and tell the other player just to note down the name of the objects memorized by their team mate.