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The association of greens and flowers with the celebration of Christmas has an important significance. This article tells you about its importance.

Christmas Flowers

Association of greens and flowers with the celebration of Christmas is something, which brings out the real essence of the festival. The bright colors of the flowers and of the greens reflect the actual theme of the celebration. As we know green is the color of nature, growth, hope, aspirations and spring so we try to associate that color into our life. Since Christmas is a winter festival so green indicates the hope that spring will return and reign victorious over winter. Green is associated with the tall evergreens, which symbolizes triumph, longevity and immortality. It is the color, which signifies the abundant providence of nature in the woods and in the fields. It brings us joy, love, and tranquility.

Green is the season of spring, which brings life, but winter brings death. So during Christmas people welcome this Christmas Greens & Flowerscolor with the hope that spring will return. Whereas each flowers has a particular significance and a role to play. Each of the flowers signifies peace, love and prosperity. So association of flowers likes Christmas rose, Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe all has a special significance. Green is also the color of water, especially the depths. It therefore represents the depths of the subconscious and of mysteries, but only as perceived by the initiate. During the Roman winter festival of Saturnalia, Romans decorated with and gave gifts of green plants, such as holly, for good luck. Green is also considered lucky in the Islamic tradition where green gifts may be given on any morning to wish someone a lucky day. Green has also been associated with justice, freedom, kindness, sympathy, charity, gaiety, and peace. The festival of Christmas is all about celebrating life and mankind and the color of green symbolizes that celebration.

Christmas Rose
Beauty and flowers compliment each other. Christmas too can be made beautiful by using numerous flowers that are associated with this festival. The gorgeous Christmas rose is one of them. In fact, it is considered to be the true flower of Christmas. It is only during winters that this flower blossoms beautifully.

"The earth laughs in flowers", this famous adage quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson seems to be so veracious. And why not, in every circumstances of life, flowers remain a constant friend of humans. Therefore, they are associated with every happiness and celebration of humankind.

Have you ever come across any celebration without flowers? Surely your answer will be an instant "No". Each gentle and angelic flower on earth recites a deep meaning and value. They are a true symbol of happy times as they diffuse freshness, vigor, mirth, and positive vibes all around.

Mistletoe is a botanically interesting plant with parasitic properties. It grows on the branches of other trees from where it hangs down from its roots which penetrate into the tree and extract nutrients from it. Mistletoe plants are of two types. One type is found in North America and lives parasitic on trees.

Christmas Poinsettia
Poinsettias have been associated with Christmas since a long time. They are found in a wide array of colors, like red, burgundy, pink, white, yellow, peach and lilac. Apart from that, you will also find marbled and spotted poinsettias. Amongst all these,

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Undoubtedly, we all agree with this famous adage, "A well decorated house is inviting". When the holiday season of Christmas begins, people welcome it with wide open arms. Right from the beginning of December, people begin with cleaning their homes.

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Christmas demands lots of financial expenditures with major consumptions being Christmas decorations, shopping, groceries, and flowers. But, a considerate number of people indulge in saving throughout the year to fulfill Christmas preparations perfectly.

Christmas Cactus
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Flowers play a very integral and important role in Christmas celebrations and decorations. They are used extensively in house decorations. Flower arrangements not only add beauty to the decorations but also add to the celebration of true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Wedding Flowers
Christmas is a blessed occasion of glittering decorations, luxurious parties, splendid gifts, and fun activities. Everyone can see the fun and peace in the air with the onset of Christmas season. Being the most auspicious time, it is a perfect time for two people