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The Christmas tree is a cardinal part of Christmas holidays. To know more about the same, go through this segment.

Christmas Tree

While making the shopping list of Christmas, the first thing that you pen down is definitely the Christmas tree. Of course, no Christmas is complete without this beautiful evergreen Christmas tree. Christmas tree is one of the most significant symbols of Christmas. The other name of Christmas tree is Yule tree. It is fresh, evergreen, and soothes with its divine aromas. The tree is ornamented with beautiful and eye catching adornments all around the world during the month of December. It is believed that the tradition of decorating this already beautiful tree began in Livonia and Germany in around 16th century. Today, people feel extremely excited to bring this evergreen tree home and decorate it beautifully. The decoration of the Christmas tree is the most loved and enjoyable activity during this season, especially by children. Christmas lights, ornaments, tinsel, candy canes, stockings, etc. are used to beautify the tree. Most importantly, the star that is placed on the top of the Christmas tree symbolizes the star of Bethlehem from Nativity.

Tree ChristmasAround 1000 years back in Germany, St. Boniface converted many Germans into Christians. He was believed to come across a pagans group which was paying homage to an oak tree. St. Boniface got extremely cross and cut down that oak tree. Amazingly, a fir tree emerged out from the roots of the oak tree. He then took it as a symbol of Christianity. It is further said that whenever a new house is constructed, a tiny evergreen tree was always attached at the top of the house. As such, a fir tree is ornamented using roses, apples, and colored papers during the feast season. Germans were the ones who brought the Christmas tree to United States in early 18th century. Trees like scotch pine, Douglas fir, noble fir, Fraser fir, Virginia pine, balsam fir, and white pine, started selling in the markets of America as Christmas trees in around 1850.

To add on, Christmas is strongly linked the birth of Lord Jesus. According to legends, the night when the Jesus Christ was born, all living creatures on earth came to welcome him carrying beautiful gifts. Most of the trees came to present their fruits to the newly born king but the fir tree had nothing to gift Jesus Christ. Seeing this, an angle appeared with feelings of mercy towards the fir tree. She demanded a group of stars to sparkle on the fir tree's alluring branches. When the shining fir tree went to Jesus Christ, the newly born baby smiled looking at the marvelous lighting on the tree. Jesus, in return, blessed the fir tree. For the same reason, on Christmas, it is decorated and lighted to please small lads. It is assumed that the triangular shape of the Christmas tree suggests some zodiac signs. Christmas tree is a true symbol of love, affection, heaven, and charity.

Christmas Tree Decoration
As the Christmas season approaches, full-fledged preparations for the festival kick-starts. People get engaged in decorating their Christmas trees, and try to make their homes attractive and welcoming for the Christmas visitors. When it comes

How to Select a Christmas Tree
The association of Christmas tree with the festival of Christmas has almost become an indispensable part of the celebration. Everybody starts their Christmas celebration by selecting their Christmas tree and decorating it, which continues till

There are several legends associated with Christmas tree behind its origin and significance. One such legend tells the story of Saint Boniface, an English monk who organized the Christian Church in France and Germany. Once while traveling he came upon a group

Artificial Christmas Tree
Although Christmas falls in chilly winters, but its holy traditions, alluring decorations, and miraculous parties surely set the occasion on fire. Adults and children get indulged in decorating their houses with beautiful Christmas adornments right from the beginning

Christmas Tree Care
Markets are flooded with large varieties of artificial Christmas trees right from the end of November itself. However, most people prefer planting real ones in their house courtyards. Surely the charm, beauty, and emotions linked with the real tree are enormously fabulous.

Christmas Tree History
Christmas tree is an integral part of Christmas celebrations. When Christmas is round the corner, most of us go in search of beautiful Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations in the stores. But, amidst the quest to get the perfect Christmas tree for our homes,

Christmas Tree Lights
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Christmas Tree Ornaments
Christmas tree ornaments were purely handmade until the mid 19th century. A variety of materials including cloth, wood and pinecones were used by homeowners to make the ornaments. It was during the 1870s when

Christmas Tree Skirts
Christmas tree holds an important position during Christmas season. It is the focal point of all decorations and celebrations. People very enthusiastically decorate their Christmas tree with ornaments, lights, and garlands. The whole Christmas tree is a package

Christmas Tree Storage
With Christmas celebrations coming to an end, most people think of removing the decorations and either discarding or saving them for the next Christmas. While the natural Christmas tree can be easily disposed off but an artificial Christmas tree needs to be packed

Christmas Tree Themes
Christmas tree decoration is one of the most fun filled activities during the holiday season. People decorate their Christmas trees with beautiful tree ornaments to make it the most attractive. Christmas tree themes are also applied by people who want their Christmas

Christmas Tree Toppers
Christmas tree toppers are the crowning glory of all kinds of Christmas decorations. People believe that their Christmas tree decorations are incomplete without a perfect tree topper. Christmas tree toppers add charm and elegance to the Christmas tree,

Homemade Christmas Tree
Homemade Christmas tree is the best solution for a heavy natural Christmas tree which undergoes price hikes during the festive season. Natural Christmas tree needs a lot of preparation and decoration. Further, it requires lot of dragging, cleaning,

Outdoor Christmas Tree
Christmas tree is the centre of attraction in all celebrations of the most holy festival in the Christian calendar - Christmas. A Christmas tree holds a very special place in Christmas customs and rituals. It is considered holy and holds an important position during this blessed occasion.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree
Christmas trees are largely decorated with Christmas lights, ornaments, edibles, ribbons, and garlands. Setting up of Christmas tree lights is a big headache during the decoration of Christmas tree. You have to ensure that