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The lifelike foliage of artificial plants makes them a must-have for interior landscape. Learn more about artificial plants for Christmas decoration.

Artificial Christmas Plants

Flowers and plants are an important part of Christmas festival. While flowers are used in floral arrangements and can be used as gifts, plants, on the other hand, are highly useful in various Christmas traditions. The Christmas tree is one such tradition where plants are widely used. The association of Christmas and plants is an old one. Plants have been extensively used in several traditions and customs of Christmas. The most common plants used on Christmas since ages include ivy, mistletoe, olive, and Pohutukawa. But with the change in time, Christmas celebrations too have seen significant changes. Nowadays, various types of artificial Christmas plants are available in the market. These artificial Christmas plants are made up of silk, velvet, and plastic, and look very real in appearance. They do not only look attractive but also display the festive spirit of the holy occasion. They symbolize creative living and can be used to decorate the living room. UV coating over the leaves of these artificial plants help them to retain their true color in sunlight, hence they can be kept outdoors for days. Apart from looking attractive and realistic, the other significant properties of Christmas plants are their long shelf life and versatility. In the following lines are mentioned some interesting facts and uses of artificial Christmas plants.
  • Ferns are amongst the most popular artificial Christmas plants. Their versatile uses include contemporary and modern decorations. Silk ferns are widely used in home decorations during the festive season of Christmas. You can choose between dozens of shapes and sizes. The unspotted fake ferns are very popular because of their multi-utility.
  • Croton brush is another great option for artificial Christmas plants. This multicolored plant offers a spectacular view in internal décor. Another significant feature of croton brush artificial plant is its extreme low maintenance as compared to other artificial plants.
  • Beautiful lush flowering bushes are another excellent alternative for a magnificent internal home décor. These flowering bushes come in various varieties, such as silk flower bushes, which look quite realistic with their lifelike shrubbery.
  • If you are looking for some attractive artificial plants for outdoor decorations, choose the durable ones. They help in coping up with the wind, rain, snow, and other climatic conditions.
  • Silk palms, artificial Ficus, and artificial Bonsai are amongst other considerable artificial plant options to choose from.