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Flowers are wonderful Christmas gifts that spread good cheer around. Check out the list of popular Christmas flowers given here.

List of Christmas Flowers

Flowers play a very integral and important role in Christmas celebrations and decorations. They are used extensively in house decorations. Flower arrangements not only add beauty to the decorations but also add to the celebration of true spirit of Christmas. The sweet fragrance of Christmas flowers fills the air with the smell of festivities. They can be used to express feelings towards your near and dear ones. Christmas is a festival of peace and harmony, and flowers serve the purpose of spreading love and affection. Christmas flowers like Poinsettia, Christmas cactus, holly, Christmas rose, ivy, and mistletoe are widely used in various customs and traditions related to Christmas. Flowers like Poinsettia and mistletoe have ancient customs associated with them. Each of these Christmas flowers signifies love, peace, and prosperity. Here is a list of flowers that are largely used during Christmas.
  • Poinsettias are traditional Christmas flowers with historical significance. The upper red petals of this plant are actually leaves. These plants are native of Central America and Mexico where they are commonly known as Noche de Buenos. Poinsettias are available in other shades like pink, white, and cream as well. These flowers are available in artificial silk versions.
  • Holly holds an important position in Christian, Roman, and Islamic traditions. Holly symbolizes luck, fortune, and enjoyment. It is mainly used in decorating houses and if exchanged between people, it signifies appreciating love and understanding. This flower is also believed to bring love and peace between relationships.
  • Mistletoe is another important Christmas flower which has many customs and traditions associated with it. Druid people used mistletoe in their winter celebrations as it was considered evergreen and sacred. It was believed to cure infertility and poisonous biting. People, in ancient times, used to reconcile under mistletoe trees.
  • Ivy is one of the most popular Christmas flowers and has a social significance. It is an evergreen flower and symbolizes love, affection, and trustworthiness. It is quite popular in weddings and festive celebrations. It also signifies spirituality and human crave for divine support.
  • The association of Christmas rose with Christmas festival is quite old and deep rooted. It is commonly known as “winter or snow” rose and is mainly found in the mountains of Central Europe. It has a historical and religious significance and is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ.