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Christmas rose being beautiful also carries great meaning. Check out in the article below.

Christmas Rose

Beauty and flowers compliment each other. Christmas too can be made beautiful by using numerous flowers that are associated with this festival. The gorgeous Christmas rose is one of them. In fact, it is considered to be the true flower of Christmas. It is only during winters that this flower blossoms beautifully. For the same reason, it is sometimes known as snow rose or winter rose. It is a habitant of the mountains, and hence, is mostly found in Europe and Southern Asia. Europe follows an interesting tradition of breaking a branch of the cherry tree in the beginning of Christmas season and placing it in warm water to let it bloom till Christmas. According to legends, this flower is deeply associated with the birth of Jesus Christ and to the little care taker, Madelon during the Lord's birth.

Centuries ago, on one chilly winter night, when Madelon was settling her sheep, she saw many wise men and shepherds walking on the snowy land with gifts for the newly born Christ child. The gifts of wise men included gold, myrrh, and frankincense. The shepherds carried gifts like fruits, honey, and doves. But Madelon was poor and could not afford any gift for Jesus Christ. Upset with this fact, she went out to find a flower for the newly born but since it was winter, she couldn't find any. She became extremely sad and started crying standing outside the stable where Jesus was born. Suddenly, an angle appeared and touched the ground, seeing tears in her eyes. Immediately, alluring white colored flowers revealed with pinkish petals. When the angle got disappeared, Madelon gifted these flowers to the stable where Christ was born. Since then, these flowers gained extreme importance and came to be known as Christmas rose.

The Christmas rose has five petals and a disk-shaped opening providing a marvelous look. It is generally found in white color but is also available in other colors. Interestingly, with age, the Christmas rose changes its colors to dark pink or red. It is shiny and bears dark green leathery leaves. The entire look makes this flower easily recognizable. When almost the entire land is covered with snow and freezing enough making it impossible for most plants to thrive, one can find these flowers growing extensively in the months of December through April. During the feast, these flowers are planted or placed on the front door of the house in the hope of the advent of Jesus Christ in the house.