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Ivy is an important flower in the celebration and decoration of Christmas. Go through this article to know all about the ivy flower.


Have you ever come across any celebration without flowers? Surely your answer will be an instant "No". Each gentle and angelic flower on earth recites a deep meaning and value. They are a true symbol of happy times as they diffuse freshness, vigor, mirth, and positive vibes all around. Flowers are the simplest and effective way to express numerous emotions of humans. They speak the language of hearts. As such, Christmas is associated with some magnificent flowers. These flowers play a major part in decorations, thank giving, and spiritual values of Christmas. The fiesta blossoms even more beautifully with these charming flowers. One of the many Christmas flowers is the beautiful and charming ivy. Ivy is a flower of love exuding alluring mauve trance and lilac hue. It is an evergreen vine which is symbolic to immortality. The Christmas flowers spread thoughts of rebirth and eternal life. This flower of the holy night carries a strong connection with Christmas. Generally, the most famous ivy that is available during Christmas is Hedera helix variety.

Christmas IvyDuring the pagan period in Europe, people start bringing ivy flowers in the house on Christmas for decorations. They honor this evergreen ivy plant for its ability to thrive and bloom even in extremely harsh weather conditions. The ivy plant can flourish over drastic cold and darkness. It bears fruits in the same deadly climatic conditions. The Greek considered this flower as the "God of Wine". Legend has it that one day a nymph danced at the feet of the god of grapes in divine love and died. Seeing her extreme devotion, god converted her body into an ivy plant which spread a charming ambiance all around. The Romans in the ancient times ornamented their houses with ivy flowers on the occasion of Saturnalia, their winter festival considering them as good luck. Some people also state that ivy is deeply related to femininity.

Ivy plants are considered to have magical powers by which they prevent the entry of evil spirits into the house. All evergreens including ivy are symbols of restoration as Osiris (Egyptian god) and Attis (Roman god) were returned to life defeating death. During the initial Christian times, the decoration of church was done with the help of these evergreen flowers only. As time passed, Christians adapted these flowers considering all the significance belonged to Christians. The embracing look of ivy symbolizes love, friendship, and faith. Ivy plant signifies the ultimate support for weak humanity. Therefore, since time immemorial, the ivy plant is taken as a symbol of divine love, ultimate devotion, and eternal life. The flower is taken as the perfect symbol to express love and affection. Welcome this alluring plant at home and you surely will get drowned in its soothing fragrances and splendid freshness.