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Red Poinsettia is popularly known as the 'Flower of the Holy Night. Explore some interesting facts about Christmas poinsettia.

Christmas Poinsettia

Poinsettias have been associated with Christmas since a long time. They are found in a wide array of colors, like red, burgundy, pink, white, yellow, peach and lilac. Apart from that, you will also find marbled and spotted poinsettias. Amongst all these, it is the deep red poinsettia that is regarded as the Christmas flower and also known as 'Flower of the Holy Night'. Since floral decoration is an inevitable part of Christmas, poinsettia is extensively used to decorate the house, to make beautiful centerpieces and in attractive bouquets for Christmas weddings.

Mexican Poinsettia is named after Joes Roberts Poinsett, USA's first ambassador to Mexico, who served his term from 1825-1829. He was the one who discovered a shrub, with vibrant red-colored leaves, growing by the roadside in Mexico, in 1828. Enchanted by the beauty of the plant, Joes sent few cuttings of the plant to his home and then soon introduced Christmas Poinsettiathe plant to North America. Since then, the plant came to be known as Poinsettia. Joel Poinsett died on 12th December 1851. To honor him as well as the plant, National Poinsettia Day came to be celebrated in the United States, on 12th December every year.

Facts About Christmas Poinsettia
  • The expanded bract of Christmas poinsettia makes it colorful. The actual flower part of the plant is the small yellow at the center.
  • Christmas poinsettia can grow as high as ten feet. Wild poinsettias can reach a height of even 12 feet!
  • Poinsettia exudes a milky sap, which can cause skin irritation. However, it is not poisonous.
  • Aztecs, an ethnic group in central Mexico, used poinsettia leaves as a dye for clothing for two centuries - from fourteenth to sixteenth centuries.
  • The vibrant red color of Christmas poinsettia symbolizes deep love and devotion towards Jesus.
  • Poinsettias demand an extra amount of care and protection if you move them from one place to another. They are highly sensitive to cold temperatures, while direct exposure to air vents may dry their leaves. The plant also needs optimum amount of sunlight.
  • Christmas poinsettia represents the maximum potted plant sale during the holiday season.