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Indoor Christmas plants require specialized conditions to grow in. Read on to know about the best indoor plants for Christmas.

Indoor Christmas Plants

Christmas is not just an important event in the Christian calendar. It is far more than that and involves extensive decorations and preparations. Every part of Christmas decorations is important for a perfect Christmas celebration. Plants and trees play an integral part of these festivities. Plants can be broadly categorized into indoor and outdoor plants. While outdoor Christmas plants like Christmas trees are used in exterior decorations, indoor plants, on the other hand, serve the main purpose of interior décors. Some of these indoor Christmas plants are also used in Christmas customs and rituals. There are various indoor Christmas plants, the notable ones being Poinsettias, lilies, gerberas, hyacinths, roses, and reindeer ferns. If you are interested in growing these Christmas plants, you have to take care of various conditions such as temperature, moisture, and humidity to keep your plants healthy and glowing as always. Gifting them to your loved ones can be a great alternative for using indoor Christmas plants. Some popular plants used during Christmas are illustrated below.

Poinsettias are traditional Christmas plants. They are available in a large variety of colors and patterns. They are found in natural colors of red, white, and pink. However, these days, artificial poinsettias are available in several other shapes and colors.

Reindeer Fern
Reindeer ferns are normally grown in galvanized pots and are perfect for interior décor. These plants require constant moist conditions and cool temperature.

Hyacinths, with their pleasant odor, are one of the most essential indoor plants for Christmas. Hyacinths are usually spring flowering bulbs but, if grown under certain conditions, can flower around Christmas. They are of two types, namely, Dutch and Roman. Dutch hyacinths are the recommended ones for their massive spikes of flowers.

The beautiful flower of lily is timeless. It symbolizes peace and pacifies the interiors of the house. A handmade platter is the most appropriate vessel for this peaceful flower.

Gerbera is grown indoors in potted plants and add a festive spirit to Christmas decorations. There are varieties of gerberas available in florist shops and markets that you can choose from. When arranged properly, gerberas can accentuate the look of floral arrangements.

Christmas Roses
Christmas roses are amongst the best indoor plants that you can grow indoors. One of the distinct characteristics of this evergreen flowering plant is that it flowers in winter season, especially during Christmas time. Christmas roses are relatively easier to grow indoors as compared to other plants and symbolize hope of life in chilly winters.