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Christmas tree care is essential to keep it healthy, green, and safe. To know more about caring of Christmas tree, check out this article.

Christmas Tree Care

Markets are flooded with large varieties of artificial Christmas trees right from the end of November itself. However, most people prefer planting real ones in their house courtyards. Surely the charm, beauty, and emotions linked with the real tree are enormously fabulous. They are evergreen rich trees which can thrive even in very harsh weather conditions easily. But due to their high demands, the prices of Christmas trees shoot up extremely during Christmas season. In such a scenario, if you are unable to choose a prefect tree, it may soon become dull and pale, disappointing you extensively. So, one has to be really wise while choosing the right Christmas tree for their house. As such, whenever you move out to shop a Christmas tree, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly. Plus, you should be very clear about the variety of Christmas tree that you are looking for. Some varieties to choose from include pine, blue spruce, fir trees, and so on. Never opt for hemlocks, white spruce, and Norway spruce trees as they are of the worst quality and their needles shed away too soon. Thus, if you are puzzled about purchasing a green and healthy Christmas tree, read through the following lines.
  • Select the healthiest tree. As far as possible, go to a tree farm to buy one. The tree will be set in its natural settings and a freshly fetched tree will be given to you. The advantage of buying a fresh tree is that it lives longer than the ones present at the retail shops. Do not buy a Christmas tree that has a lot of dead and brown needles. Before finalizing the Christmas tree, cut out a small branch delicately. It should be soft and flexible.
  • Once you have chosen the perfect tree, clear out the place where it is supposed to be placed. It should be placed very far from fire or any heat sources as it tends to dry out quickly. If you are planning to decorate the tree with lights, then use extension cords and fix it on the corners of the tree.
  • One should always cover the ground where the Christmas tree is placed with either Christmas-themed paper or satin fabric. It serves dual purpose. First, it will enhance the visual appeal of the entire setting and secondly, it will prevent any water from splashing. If you have pets at home, the covering will prevent pets from drinking the water present at the base.
  • With the help of a small hand-saw, make the base for your tree. Cut out half by half inch of floor to support the absorption of water. Never cut the base of the tree at an angle or by drilling.
  • Always mount the Christmas tree under 8 hours of cutting it from its natural setting. Also, never allow it to mount dry; always put it in a container of water. In the market, there are many tree water containers available easily. Pick up one.
  • Fix the Christmas tree exactly straight. While decorating the tree, check it out continuously whether the Christmas tree is straight or not.
  • Water the tree on a regular basis. Initially, you have to water in large quantities to let the tree settle in its new setting. After few days, water it once in a day. The water must never go below the base of the tree. Keeping the right water level, will help in keeping the tree healthy and lively for a long period of time.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree with extreme care, especially when it comes to lighting the tree. See the cords of the lights and place them at the most safest place.
  • In between, keep on checking for any sap leakage. Otherwise, it may spoil the furnishing near the tree.
  • To make your job easier later on, collect all the pine needles which fall on daily basis.
  • Dispose the Christmas tree as a garden waste.