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Markets are flooded with pre-lit artificial Christmas trees during Christmas. Read this article to get tips on choosing your pre-lit Christmas tree.

Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are largely decorated with Christmas lights, ornaments, edibles, ribbons, and garlands. Setting up of Christmas tree lights is a big headache during the decoration of Christmas tree. You have to ensure that the lights are set up safely, at the same time look attractive. If the Christmas lights are set up in the Christmas tree, half the job is done. As a result, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are gaining popularity among people who want to set up their fully decorated Christmas tree with ease and convenience without wasting much time.

During the Christmas season, markets are flooded with pre-lit Christmas trees that come in a wide range of styles and sizes. This variety may often confuse you in choosing your Christmas tree. However, there are some criteria in choosing a pre-lit Christmas tree, which you can stick to while purchasing your Christmas tree. In this article, we have provided some tips to choose your pre-lit Christmas tree. Follow these tips to ensure that your pre-lit Christmas tree is worthwhile.
  • The quality of pine needles: It is very important to assure that you're pre-lit Christmas artificial Christmas tree has good quality pine needles. Ideally, the pine needles should not be too rigid. They should be flexible. Good quality Christmas tree's pine needles have a rounded tip, which give a naturalistic look. On the other hand, a low quality Christmas tree will have its needles that are shorter or have chopped tips.
  • Quality of the branches: The quality of the branches of your pre-lit Christmas tree can be decided as per how they are attached to the tree. The branches on a high quality Christmas tree are attached to the trunk using permanent metal hinges whereas, on a low quality Christmas tree, the branches are using plastic hinges that can easily break.
  • Quality of Christmas lights: The beauty of a pre-lit Christmas tree lies in the brightness of its lights. Pre-lit Christmas tree using lights with 100 to 120 milliamps tends to look dull and burn out quickly. We suggest you to go for high quality pre-lit Christmas tree with 170 to 200 milliamps so that the lights look brighter and attractive.
  • Attachment of Christmas lights: The string of lights on a pre-lit Christmas tree is wrapped around the branches of the Christmas tree. Such an arrangement doesn't stay secure over time. So, go for a pre-lit Christmas tree in which the lights are attached to the branches using clips.
  • Number of Christmas lights per foot: This is a very important thing to consider while choosing a pre-lit Christmas tree. A good quality pre-lit Christmas tree should have 80 to 100 lights per foot. This ensures that your Christmas tree is not over-lit.