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Read this article to know about some of the most popular Christmas party themes.

Christmas Party Themes

The concept of theme party is here to stay. We can see themes everywhere- from birthday parties to wedding parties to bachelor's parties. So how can a Christmas party be left behind? This festive season, instead of the run of the mill Christmas party, we suggest you to throw a theme Christmas party. A lot of people are nowadays opting for theme Christmas parties. Hence, the choice of themes is wider. In this article, we have short-listed some of the most popular Christmas party themes. Read on.

Christmas carnival theme: Christmas carnival theme is the most apt Christmas party theme to bring in the mood of a Christmas carnival into your party. Here is how to make the party arrangements:
  • Invitation: Christmas carnival theme is for all ages. So, keep the party invitation a bit informal and snazzy. A handwritten invitation will serve the purpose. So, write down a few lines as to invite your guests and mention the date, place, time and theme. Fold it and wrap it in an attractive Christmas paper. Tie some candy canes with a cute bow and hand-deliver it to your guests.
  • Decoration: Apart from the decorated Christmas tree, decorate your party venue with traditional Christmas embellishments that will set the mood of a Christmas carnival. Arrange beautiful sprigs of holly and mistletoe on the stairways, doorways and railings. Hang blinking Christmas lights around the windows. Jingle bells are must have for Christmas carnival party theme. Place them around door handles and kitchen cabinet knobs. The tinkling sound of bells will create the perfect mood of a carnival. Do not forget to hang Christmas wreath on doors.
  • Party activities: Your small guests should not feel bored even for a second. To boost up their enthusiasm, set up a space called 'Santa Workshop' for kids, where they can 'work'. Cover your table with a bright red plastic table cloth and place a couple of bowls of stringables, pretzels, flavored lifesavers, chocolate pretzel rings, and jelly rings. The children will love to dig into the bowls to get their share of eatables. You can add even more sweetness by including some candy bars.
  • Party game (for kids): Children love to play fun-filled party games. 'Snow blowers' challenge' is a popular party game which is best suited for the Christmas carnival theme. The game goes like this- four large paper cups are decorated with Christmas wire ribbons with the open end upwards. Now, the cups are kept half-filled with candy canes, chocolate mints and colored pencils. Next, each player is assigned a paper towel, decorated like the paper cups. A ping pong ball is placed in front of each of the players. Now, the players are asked to gently blow through their tube to get the ping-pong 'snow' ball rolling across the table into one of the paper cups. If the ball rolls down the edge, the player's chance is over. If the ball makes it into one of the cups, the players get to pick a prize from that cup. The game continues till all the cups are empty. This game keeps the small guests busy during the Christmas carnival theme party.
  • Party game (for adults): Why should be adults left behind? Christmas carnival is a theme for all ages. So, adults should have equal fun. So, arrange a couple of party games for adults. Grown-ups would love the game of 'Stuff the Santa'. The aim each team is to create the fattest Santa of the game. The supplies required for this game include an extra large red one-piece union suit and lots and lots of red balloons. The game goes like this- two to three teams each of four to six players are assigned the task of stuffing their Santa's suit, with one member acting as Santa. They are asked to stuff the Santa with as many balloons as they can within two minutes. When the time is out, the number of balloons stuffed inside each Santa is counted. The team with maximum number of balloons stuffed in Santa wins the game. The whole joy of this game lies in watching the lumpy physique of the stuffed Santa!
  • Party food: The most interesting, rather decisive part of the party is the party food. Since Christmas carnival party theme is all about fun, the food should also be fun! So, twist the menu a little bit. Instead of serving the usual platter of vegetables and dip, present a crudi-tree for the carnival! To make the tree, start with a 12-inch green Styrofoam cone. Attach some green vegetables like broccoli and olives to the cone using toothpicks. Add color to it with some red and yellow peppers. Arrange the vegetable in the form of a Christmas tree. Make a yellow star from cheese and use it as the Christmas tree topper. Your guests with love to taste the edible Christmas tree!
This way, throw a Christmas carnival theme party and celebrate this festive season in a unique and blissful manner!

White Christmas theme: The best sight during the holiday season is the entire town covered with a blanket of snow. The view itself calms our mind and pacifies the atmosphere. So is the white Christmas party theme- it reflects the beauty and peaceful nature of Christmas. If you want to stay away from the hullabaloo of the flashing reds and greens in your party, white Christmas theme will be the perfect choice. Read on to know more about white Christmas party theme.
  • Christmas tree: The decoration of Christmas tree is prominent for white Christmas theme. Your outdoor Christmas tree shall be covered with snow and decorated with blinking Christmas lights and ornaments. Decorate your indoor Christmas tree with strings of white Christmas lights along with garlands, bows, ribbons, bead strings, snowflakes, stars, white painted ball ornaments, Angels and other white decorative items.
  • Party food: At the dining table, treat your guests with silver-coated Jordan almonds. Brighten the room with decorative white candles in silver or crystal candleholders. Spread a white jacquard tablecloth. Oysters in the shell served on a bed of rock salt are great appetizers. Place hollowed-out shells of white pumpkins and serve brightly-colored foods in them. Whipped mashed potatoes served with frothy and creamy eggnog and white flesh of a turkey together make a sumptuous feast for the white Christmas theme party.
  • Party dress: Since the theme is White Christmas, dress yourself in an elegant white outfit and also ask your guests to come in white dress. The dress code for your white Christmas theme party should be the simple, sober and elegant white.
  • Gifts: Give away gifts in white for your guests. A winter-white sweater or scarf, or a semi-transparent porcelain tea set is nice gift ideas.
White Christmas theme party is all about decorating the venue in pacifying white.

Under the sea Christmas party theme: Under the sea Christmas party theme is a lot of fun both for adults and kids. The decorations, as the name suggests, reflects the tranquility of water of the deep blue sea. Hence, vibrant hues of violet, red and green are prominent in the entire party. So, throw an under the sea Christmas theme party and create an underwater current effect at your dining hall! Read on to know more about under the sea Christmas party theme.
  • Party decoration: Decorations will decide whether your under the sea Christmas theme party is a hit or a flop show. Hence, you pay special attention to the party decorations. To start with, twist some bunches of green cloth and papers and hang them all over the place. This will create the near-to-original effects of sea weeds. A giant aquarium right in the middle of the party floor will keep the children busy watching the colorful fish. Inflatable is a good idea! Place some inflatable sharks, and giant corals to improvise the 'visual-effect.' Sea shell garlands will add to the beauty of the Christmas tree.
  • Party dress: Assign a dress code for every guest. The dress code may vary from formals, casuals to the much fancier reindeer costumes. To keep up the theme, you may ask your visitors to come in mermaid costumes and octopus costumes. As far as Santa Claus is concerned, he can arrive at any time during the party, coming in stylish sleigh parked at one corner of the party floor.
  • Party food: Your dining table should also reflect the theme of the party. Decorate the centerpiece in the table as to give the effect of coral reefs. Under the sea Christmas theme party has rather got an interesting menu. Fish and chips are must have. Cookies and crispy snacks will do as starters. To make the treat sumptuous, include marinated chicken breasts, baked fish, turkey, mashed potatoes and mixed steam vegetables in your menu. Cheesecakes, pies or tarts can also be added to the menu.
Under the sea Christmas party theme is a party theme that can make your Christmas celebrations the most memorable of your life! So, apply the theme and enjoy partying under the sea!