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Christmas Candles

Christmas is the most joyful festival in the Christian calendar. Celebrated on December 25 every year, the holy occasion of Christmas is marked with great gusto and fervor across the world. This sacred festival commemorates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the central figure of Christianity. Christmas brings joy to people through the vibrant and blissful traditions and customs that are practiced to observe this festival. Christmas candles are one of the most important parts of the décor. In fact, they symbolize the Almighty himself as Jesus Christ is assumed to be the light of the world. As such, these Christmas candles remind every Christian of Jesus and his preaching. Christmas candles are generally used to adorn Christmas trees, houses, gardens, and snowman.

Christmas CandlesLighting candles on Christmas is an age old tradition, the first ever being during Christmas in Rome during the festival of Saturnalia. At that time, the Roman devotees offered tall wax candles to Lord Saturn as an emblem of his light. In early times, when Christianity was not much acceptable, Christians used to light a candle in the window signifying their worship and place of worship (mass). Later, when Christianity gradually gained popularity all over Europe, this practice of lighting candles in front of the windows became a custom of Christmas prayers. However, in some countries, the idea behind lighting candles was to guide the Christ child as he moved from house to house. The same belief and tradition is still followed during Christmas by the Swedish Christians.

Another important tradition followed for using small Christmas candles was to light up the Christmas tree back in the mid-17th century. This custom originated in Germany, from where the idea was brought to England by Prince Alert (German born), the consort of Queen Victoria. It took around two centuries for this tradition to become a widely established Christmas tradition throughout Europe. Around 1890, candleholders were first used for firmly securing Christmas candles and somewhere between 1902 and 1914, small lanterns and glass balls came into use to hold candles. The traditional colors of Christmas candles are preferably red or golden, which are the true colors of Christmas season.

Christmas candles enhance the entire festivity and joy of this holy season. Apart from the decoration purpose, beautiful and intricate candles are also used for gifting to near and dear ones. During Christmas season, you will find a plethora of different varieties of decorative Christmas candles neatly displayed in the shelves of all markets and shopping malls. Some popular kinds of candles are refillable butane candles, scented candles, window candles, tree candles, electric Christmas candles, soy candles, gel candles, and pie candles. You will not only get your choice of striking candles from the market, but you can even make them at home through different procedures.