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Storing Christmas decorations is important if you want to use them the next year also. Here are some ideas for Christmas decorations storage.

Christmas Decorations Storage

Christmas decorations need a significant investment, as they play a key role in making the holiday merrier. A lot of care has to be taken while storing them, especially if they are to be used in the coming years as well. Storage of Christmas decorations should be done appropriately, as to avoid wear and tear of the precious ornaments. However, the storing process is not as daunting as we think it to be. All it requires is some efforts and the apposite use of storage boxes and shelves. Still, you should not just dump Christmas decorations into the boxes and forget about them until they are reopened in the next year. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas to help you in storing Christmas decorations.
  • Selecting the storage boxes is the very first step of Christmas decorations storage. Choose the boxes that can be conveniently stacked. The pile of boxes should take minimal space and should not look messy.
  • Plastic storage boxes are amongst the best options for storing Christmas decorations. Large plastic boxes come with lids & divided compartments. As a result, they occupy less space. These airtight containers are economical. Moreover, you don't have to waste time labeling them, as these boxes are mostly transparent. You can easily see what is stored inside them.
  • Shoeboxes are strict no-no for storing Christmas decorations, especially the breakable ones. This is because the boxes will look packed even if you store a small amount of ornaments and will lead to increased chances of breakage. You would not want to store your lovely decorations in a box that looks congested, would you?
  • Storage boxes are now specifically available for storing different types of decorations. For instance, wreath boxes are available for storing Christmas wreaths. Christmas tree storage bags are exclusively meant for storing the tree.
  • Some ornaments and decorations have to be dusted or laundered before storage. Make sure to wipe the intricate ornaments with a medium-sized paintbrush and dry-clean the tablecloths, napkins, pillow sacks and stockings, before storing them.
  • After the ornaments and other decorations are cleaned, it is the time to neatly categorize the decorations and wrappings and store them.
  • Christmas ornaments should be stored in medium-sized plastic storage boxes. Categorize the ornaments first, then assign spaces for each category and finally, store them accordingly. You may also wrap the ornaments individually, in tissue papers, and store them. This will give a double protection to the delicate decorations.
  • Store the lights in separate storage bags, to ensure prolonged life. Wrap the lights strands in paper rolls and secure the ends with tape. Replace the burnout bulbs.
  • Store the metal, hanging tree ornaments in airtight containers. For this purpose, it is better not to use plastic containers, as they may seal in the air born moisture.
  • Gently remove all the decorative pieces off from your Christmas wreath. Dust the ornaments and put them into the plastic box where the rest ornaments are stored. Hang the small Christmas baubles in egg cartons.
  • While storing Christmas decorations, you should always ensure that the ornaments are not outdated. In such case, it is better to sell off the old ornaments or give them up for charity.
  • After the task of storing Christmas decorations is complete, search for a suitable location, where these boxes shall be stacked. Basement is not recommended, because the place is prone to extreme temperature and humidity. Finalize a place in your home that is away from direct sunlight, with less humidity and is accessible, so that it can be cleaned easily.