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Vintage Christmas decorations can add a touch of grace to your home. Read on to get some vintage Christmas Decor ideas.

Vintage Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations have had and will always be an integral part of delighted Christmas celebrations. For some people, it is an excellent activity to get together and deck up their homes in the company of their families and friends. There are various types of decorations, such as antique decorations, lawn decorations, paper decorations, window decorations, yard decorations, and outdoor decorations, which, when applied, complete Christmas festivities. Along with these decorations, you can mark your Christmas adornments with some unique and impressive vintage Christmas decorations. A vintage Christmas decoration gives an ethnic and elegant touch to your festivities apart from memorizing the age-old times.

Vintage ornaments can be easily found with some characteristic features, such as their smaller size, bearing soft colors or probably faded colors, hand-painted details, and most importantly, blunt edges, because ornaments in those times were handmade from blown glass. However, the most identifiable and rare vintage ornaments include cotton batting ornaments (made in late 1800s), Dresden paper ornaments (from late 1880s), plastic ornaments (used after World War II), and last but not the least, beautiful Kugel glass ornaments. The best thing about Kugels is that they were handmade from heavy glass cast and molded into varying shapes, like eggs and fruit designs. Using these beautiful and classy vintage ornaments would surely make a spectacular vintage Christmas decoration view. Read on to find out more about the use and decoration ideas of vintage decorations.

Choose An Era
Like all decorations, choose a particular era or time on which you want to base your vintage Christmas decorations. Selection of a theme is important as it allows you to select more specific and concentrated ornaments and accessories. Victorian and retro eras are the two most popular themes.

Candles and Candle Holders
Christmas candles are an integral part of any kind of decoration. You can make your decorations more specific by using themed candles and colored candle holders. For instance, if you have chosen the retro era theme, you can opt for silver candle sticks and candle holders that were very popular at that time.

Table Decoration
You can flaunt a vintage style of decoration on your Christmas table. For that, you just have to include many old family inherited items, such as a silver tea set, silver dinner set, or silver tray. Alternatively, you can use an embroidered table cloth which reflects your ancient culture and tradition. You can also put some old crystal bowls and vases as the centerpiece of the dinner table.

Other Options
The most simple and easiest way to reveal the vintage feel is to paint your house in any soft color, like white, and change the drapes of your windows and doors in a contrasting color, like maroon, with a large golden or silver bow attached to it. Along with that, you can enhance the feel by adding some big-sized vases in the room.