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You can build homemade Christmas decorations in a jiffy. Here are some great ideas for making handmade Christmas decorations.

Homemade Christmas Decorations

Making homemade Christmas decorations is very easy and they give a personal touch to your home Decor. They are not only cheap, but also make you feel more involved with the festival. It is an entirely different feeling when you decorate your home with items that you have made on your own. Handmade decoration items for Christmas can be made as attractive as the factory made ones. There have a wide variety as well. Here are some of best ideas for making homemade Christmas decorations. Read on.
  • Make garlands out of flowers, beads, and buttons and attach them to the strings of Christmas lights. Decorate your front door with multi-colored Christmas lights that are adorned with your handmade garland.
  • Make long garlands using flowers and evergreen leaves and wrap them around the railing of the staircase.
  • Use trims of Christmas tree to adorn your fireplace mantel, banisters and balcony.
  • Homemade Christmas star is a great decorative item. Make a beautiful, medium-sized Christmas star and use it as tree topper.
  • Tie a small bundle of cinnamon sticks with red or white ribbons and hang them from the Christmas tree. These small, decorative pieces can accentuate the beauty of your Christmas tree.
  • Make a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner table. Take a large glass plate and paint its underside with silver craft paint. After the paint dries completely, place it at the center of your dining table. White candles can be placed on the shiny plate, to make it even more attractive.
  • Edible decorative pieces are some of the best Christmas decorations that can be made at home. For this, you need some cookies that are waiting to be baked. Pierce a hole through the edges of the cookies before baking them. After the cookies are fully baked, allow them to cool and then string a ribbon through the hole. You homemade cookie decorations are ready to be hung on your Christmas tree!
  • Paint simple patterns, such as Christmas star, tree or bells, on plain white tablecloth, using fabric paint. Spread this cloth on your dining table and give it a festive look.