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Here are some guidelines on how to decorate Christmas party tree for this festive season.

Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

History tells us that the tradition of Christmas tree comes from Germany. The very first trees were oak, the same tree used for the Yule Log. Trees have been a symbol of good luck since the Middle Ages. Soon people began bringing the tree inside during Christmastime and decorating it. When German immigrants came to the United States, they brought this tradition with them. Christmas tree plays an important role in Christmas decoration and for that you have to choose the right kind of tree. Choosing a Christmas tree involves individual tastes. Here are some basic guidelines, which can help you to buy the perfect tree.
  • Firstly you should decide on the height of the tree
  • Secondly you should know how much you want to spend on it
  • Lastly you should know what kind of tree you want.
Decorative TreeOnce your tree is ready you can think on the decoration part. For decoration you can choose a particular style theme or color. It can be based on any color like golden, copper, silver and accordingly you can choose your ornaments for decorations. Lighting is also an important part of Christmas tree decoration. If you are using artificial tree than you can get trees which are complete with the sockets and provisional wirings. However if you are using a real one than wiring is to be done. You can use multi colored bulbs to give a dazzling effect to your tree. Start your lighting from the top and than move downwards. Other than the lighting you can also use various kind of ornaments to decorate your tree like dolls, stars, soft toys, cartoon figures and pinecones. To add color to your tree you can use ribbon loops of bright color like red, green, yellow and blue. Use natural materials to give a realistic look to your decoration. For instance, tuck clusters of dried flowers into some of the spaces between tree branches. Use a wire or ribbon to hold the bunches together. Small handfuls of twigs could also be used. For embellishments spray the twigs with silver or copper color.