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Wreath is an important part of Christmas decorations. This article tells us some historical facts about Christmas wreaths.

Christmas Wreath

Christmas is the holiest festival of Christians which marks the birth anniversary of Lord Jesus Christ. This makes this festival as the biggest occasion in the Christian calendar and hence, is observed with great religious vehemence and enthusiasm all over the world. For many people, Christmas is a time to have get-togethers, meetings, visiting family and friends, and have fun in Christmas parties. Talking about Christmas preparations, decorations are considered to be one of the most essential components of Christmas celebrations in most countries. People decorate their houses, offices, and premises with numerous traditional Christmas decorations, like Christmas bells, Christmas tree, Christmas candles, Christmas wreaths, flowers, mistletoe, and holly leaves. Amongst all, the Christmas wreath is one of the oldest things used for Christmas decorations.

Xmas  WreathA Christmas wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs, and other decorative materials that are combined and constructed in the form of a ring. They are mostly made up of evergreen twigs of holly, mistletoe, and ivy, and being used characteristically since pagan times even when Christianity did not exist. A Christmas wreath truly symbolizes the eternity of life as its circular shape has no beginning or end. In ancient Rome, it was used as a sign of victory which became very popular at that time. However, the use of wreath in Christmas decorations became popular throughout Christianity by the 15th century. As per Christian beliefs, this wreath symbolizes the coming of Christ (Advent Season).

Christmas wreaths actually add an ultimate and enhancing touch to your homes and offices. You can hang it in the house, on the windows, on the door, and even on the Christmas tree to welcome Christmas and birth of Christ. You can find a wide variety of wreaths available in the markets that are categorized on the basis of various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs. Given below are some popular kinds of Christmas wreaths that can be used in your decorations.

Christmas Holly Wreaths
This Christmas wreath is made from the twigs of Holly leaves, the evergreen leaves, with a tinge of red berries, giving you a beautiful accessory for decoration. It is traditionally hung at the entrance of the home.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths
This Christmas wreath can be made out of various adorable artificial materials, like silk, satin, and other ornaments and bows. Some people use lights and optical fibers to give it an elegant look.

Fresh Christmas Wreaths
As the name suggests, this wreath is created from fresh leaves, flowers, and twigs of trees. Its refreshing color and smell would definitely add another star to your decorations credit list.

White Christmas Wreaths
White Christmas wreaths are mostly used by people who choose white as a theme for their Christmas decorations. These white wreaths are made by using white paints, white flowers, and other white decorative items like white satin ribbons. However, if you wish to give the wreath a festive look, beautify it with red bows.