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Christmas wall decorations add texture to your wall and give them depth. Here are a few ideas for decorating walls on Christmas.

Christmas Wall Decorations

Empty walls can make a rooms look dull, no matter how nicely have the interiors been decorated. Hence, the walls also need to be dressed-up, if you want your house to get a festive look. When it is Christmas time, we should not wonder why a wide array of Christmas wall decorations hit the market. This is undoubtedly because of the fact that people always want a flawless home Decor to welcome the festival and that includes the walls as well. Many people are not able to figure out how they should go about decorating walls on Christmas. To help all such people, we have provided Christmas wall decoration ideas, in the lines below.
  • The first thing that strikes our mind when it comes to choosing Christmas wall decorations is a beautiful wreath that adds holiday cheer to an empty wall. You can adorn the wall above fireplace mantel with a pre-lit wreath.
  • Large decorative mirrors have a dual role. They create an illusion of increased space (virtually open up the space) and add color to the walls. To get the Christmas look, decorate the mirror with fresh evergreen twigs or a string of miniature white lights.
  • Nothing can give you a more personalized feeling than framed family pictures. Hang pictures of unequal sizes on the wall. Frame old family photographs and place a zero-watt bulb just below the frame, to brighten the wall.
  • Quilt wall hangings can add texture to your walls. Use a medium or large sized quilt to decorate the walls for Christmas. As far as quilt's design is concerned, you may go for the Christmas symbols and images, like Santa's sleigh or the Nativity Scene.
  • Small things create big impact. Candy cane stocking hangers, wreath hangers and wall votives are small decorative pieces that can hold certain items and beautify your walls as well.
  • Wooden 'Merry Christmas' signboards are available in the market, which can compliment your Christmas theme. They can be hung on the entrance wall.
  • Medium to over-sized Christmas cards can act as amazing wall decorations. You can also use Christmas card holders, like a spiral wreath cardholder, to adorn your walls.