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If you are looking for some Christmas craft for kids, read the article in which we have provided some easy kids Christmas crafts ideas.

Christmas Craft for Kids

Christmas is much adored by small children. The holiday season is keenly looked forward to by the little enthusiasts so that they are away from their schools and homework during the long Christmas vacation. Kids pack their school bags the day the holiday season starts and literally forget about studies until the vacation ends. Most of them take up one activity or the other, which keeps them busy all through the festive season. One such activity is making beautiful Christmas crafts. Christmas craft for kids are very simple and easy to make. This recreational activity involves making beautiful Christmas crafts that can be even gifted to someone. If you are also looking for some Christmas craft for your little creative souls, read on this article. We have provided some interesting kids Christmas crafts ideas.

Christmas star decoration

Things required:
  • Six lollipop sticks
  • White glue
  • Ribbon
  • Decorations such as metallic pens and glitter
  • Assemble four lollipop sticks in the shape of two triangles in order to make your Christmas star. Connect the ends of the sticks using dabs of white glue.
  • Make a loop of ribbon between the remaining two lollipop sticks so that you can hang your Christmas star.
  • When the triangles are dry or nearly dry, position one of the triangles on top of the other triangle using blobs of white glue at the joints of the two triangles. Allow it to completely dry.
  • Now, your Christmas star is ready to be decorated!
Candy Cane Reindeer

Things required:
  • Red and white candy canes
  • Hot glue
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Squiggly eyes
  • Take the candy canes and hot glue the pipe cleaners to top where it curves in order to make the antlers.
  • Glue on eyes just below the antlers and glue on small pompom for the nose of the reindeer.
  • Glue on the ribbon to make a bow tie around the neck of the reindeer.
  • After you finish affixing the parts, leave it to dry completely.
  • Now, your candy cane reindeer is ready to use!