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Artificial Christmas trees are beautiful, easy to handle, and quite affordable. Check out all about Christmas trees in the article below.

Artificial Christmas Tree

Although Christmas falls in chilly winters, but its holy traditions, alluring decorations, and miraculous parties surely set the occasion on fire. Adults and children get indulged in decorating their houses with beautiful Christmas adornments right from the beginning of December. Markets too are decked up with countless options. However, Christmas decorations are incomplete without an astonishing and attractively decorated Christmas tree. Children eagerly wait to decorate the Christmas tree with colorful balls, crystals, fluffy stockings, red-white candy canes, and a sparkling star on the top. During Christmas, the price of real Christmas trees shoots up drastically, thereby becoming difficult for an average person to afford it. Plus, a real Christmas tree requires a larger area and intense care. Therefore, markets now have come up with a wondrous variety of artificial Christmas trees. These are basically artificial pine or fir trees, which are not only ravishing but very affordable as well.

During Christmas season, shops and stores offer more than just the traditional artificial Christmas tree. If you live in a region that does not receive snowfall during Christmas, then putting up a white Christmas tree will be an awesome idea. Further, if you do not have enough time to decorate a Christmas tree, pre-lighted and pre-decorated Christmas trees are also available at your hand. Looking back at history around 19th century, Germans created artificial Christmas trees using wood either in tree shaped pyramids or feather trees. Some were created from green dyed goose feathers. However, in the first half of the 20th century, feather trees started gaining popularity in Germany. Gradually, they captured the markets of United States as well. Take a look at the various artificial Christmas trees to choose from.

They are generally made from green dyed goose feathers that are fastened with multiple wire branches. All wire branches are then tied to a pole. They are available in wonderful and attractive varieties. To make these feather artificial Christmas tree even more beautiful, small artificial red berries can be attached to the same.

Brush Bristles
These artificial Christmas trees are made from the hair bristles of certain animals. They are stronger than the feather versions and thus, can easily afford heavier decorations.

As the name suggests, these artificial trees are made up of aluminum. However, they are rarely preferred by people.

Nowadays, a large number of artificial Christmas trees are being made out of plastic. They are generally decked up with pre-decorations and lighting. PVC Christmas trees are extremely fire resistant. Many companies have also brought certain innovations in these trees, like an attachment of some Christmas music with the tree.

Other Options
Interestingly, there are designer artificial Christmas trees widely available in the market. They are basically fibre optic trees that are found in traditional and modern varieties of artificial Christmas trees. The modern versions contain multicolor lights.

All these Artificial Christmas trees are very easy to handle and place as they are light weighted and come with base stands.