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Christmas tree lights heighten the beauty of Christmas tree immensely. Check out more about Christmas tree lights in this write-up.

Christmas Tree Lights

The birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, celebrated on December 25, diffuses happiness, joy, and amusement all around the world. Truly, Christmas comes with ultra fun and frolic. It is a celebration time for everyone and offers great opportunities to spend delightful time with your loved ones. All traditions and rituals associated with Christmas are extremely enthralling and enjoying. One of the most interesting traditions of Christmas is decorating the gorgeous evergreen Christmas tree. People actually wait for the advent of Christmas to bring this beautiful tree home and beautify it with attracting adornments. During Christmas season, markets are flooded with numerous kinds of ornaments to adorn the Christmas tree, such as crystal balls, bells, stockings, stars, and last but not the least, lights. No doubt, all these adornments heighten the elegance of Christmas tree but its grace is made over charming with some awesome colorful Christmas tree lights. Illuminating these lights in the night present an astonishing view.

In the 17th century, the tradition of illuminating Christmas tree with small candles was restricted to very few parts of the world but later it became quite popular in Germany, followed by Eastern Europe. The small candles were adhered using melted wax on the Christmas tree. In the year 1890, candle holders were introduced to place Christmas candles on trees. Later in the beginning of 19th century, tiny lanterns and glass balls were used to light up the same. This lighting of Christmas tree was adapted as a tradition in Germany during early modern times. In England, the lighted Christmas tree was established during the reign of Queen Victoria. The tradition soon became popular in North America and Australia. Until the introduction of low rate lights, small candles were used to illuminate the Christmas tree. The electric lights were known as fairy lights in the United Kingdom.

Edward H. Johnson was the first person to illuminate the Christmas tree electrically in the year 1882 at his home in New York City. This tree was wired manually with 80 electric incandescent light bulbs of different colors. The size of these bulbs was equal to that of a walnut. In the year 1895, the then US President Grover Cleveland happily sponsored the White House's first illuminated Christmas tree. The tree constituted of hundreds of colorful Christmas tree lights. In New Jersey, Christmas tree lamps were commercially brought up in strings of multiple sockets. Amazingly, the common man started using these Christmas lights to light up the Christmas tree only in the middle of 1950. Slowly, strings of lights were used to decorate the tree. Nowadays, they are illuminated extensively with electric lights. Every mall, market, and even houses come out with awesome lighted Christmas trees offering a tremendous visual experience.