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Here are some tips on buying a Christmas tree of your choice and tips on maintaining it.

How to Select A Christmas Tree

The association of Christmas tree with the festival of Christmas has almost become an indispensable part of the celebration. Everybody starts their Christmas celebration by selecting their Christmas tree and decorating it, which continues till the day of the celebration. Now here are some guidelines on choosing the Christmas tree of your choice. As far as the height is concerned you really don't need a huge size around six to seven feet, even a small one, about two to three feet high is enough to brighten up your Christmas decorations. Before buying that 'tree' you should know where you would place it in your house. It is important to buy the tree, which is suitable to the size of your room. Both the ceiling height and the width of the space should be considered while selecting your tree. If you want to place it on a stand, measure the diameter of the trunk that the stand can hold. You should carry a measuring tape along to measure the actual size of your tree. Tare care of the place where you will keep the tree. Avoid placing it near a heat source or fireplace or where someone might bump into it. Make sure of the stand it should not wobble and can hold the tree firmly upright. If you are going for a natural tree, the stand should be big enough to hold enough water to avoid frequent refills.

While choosing a natural one, the tree with smaller needles are better as they are easier to decorate. Make sure of the spaces in-between the branches so that there is an adequate space for decorations and all the decorations are hanging straight and not in an angular position. The tree should look fresh and green. Once home, you can make a fresh cut on the trunk so that your tree starts absorbing water almost immediately. Fill the stand with lukewarm water and refill at regular intervals. Frequent refilling is usually not done after the first week, but make sure of the water level it should not go below the base of the trunk. If your tree is huge, make sure you secure it properly to the wall or to the floor. Regular trimming of the branches are necessary so that the branches are in shape and to give a perfect look to your tree. These trimmings can be used to decorate your tables or mantles. These are some of the ways by which you can buy a perfect tree and maintain it for the festive day.