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Homemade Christmas tree is a wonderful gift for anyone to give during Christmas. Here is guidance for how to make a Christmas tree.

Homemade Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas tree is the best solution for a heavy natural Christmas tree which undergoes price hikes during the festive season. Natural Christmas tree needs a lot of preparation and decoration. Further, it requires lot of dragging, cleaning, and sometimes, watering. Whereas, a homemade Christmas tree is easy to make and materials that go into its making are easily affordable. It is a fun-filled activity that can keep you and your family busy and engaged for quite sometime. Plus, it does not require an entire day for decorating the tree with Christmas ornaments. It can be easily prepared in a short duration and is a great way to enjoy the festivities of Christmas with family. You can gift them to your friends and relatives; they are sure to appreciate your feelings and creative sense. You can make a couple of them and use them to decorate your whole house. Here is a simple and easy method of making homemade Christmas tree.

Material Required
  • Green Poster Board
  • Construction Paper
  • Hole Punch
  • Markers
  • Yellow Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Glue Stick
  • Trace an outline of a Christmas tree on green poster board and cut it out. The size of the Christmas tree can be small or large depending on your choice and preference. Cut out an identical Christmas tree by placing the previously cut out tree on another green poster board.
  • Mark the center of the tree by drawing a vertical line through the center of the Christmas tree and placing a mark in the middle of the line. Repeat the step for the second identical tree.
  • Starting from the tip, cut through the middle line of the first tree to the middle point of the line.
  • Cut along the middle line in the second tree, starting from the bottom end and stop at the middle point of the line.
  • Slide the two cut-out forms together through the slits, thereby forming an ‘X’. These trees should mirror each other on all sides and touch the bottom surface level on sitting.
  • Make a star shape from yellow poster board and cut a slit in the middle point of the star between two downward points.
  • Now, slide the star into one of the two trees from the top.
  • Lastly, you can decorate the Christmas tree by attaching different decorations cut out from construction paper.
  • With the help of a hole punch, you can make bulbs and markers for other decorations. Your Christmas tree is ready to be displayed!