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Christmas tree toppers add a sense of charm and elegance to the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas tree toppers are the crowning glory of all kinds of Christmas decorations. People believe that their Christmas tree decorations are incomplete without a perfect tree topper. Christmas tree toppers add charm and elegance to the Christmas tree, leaving the onlooker spellbound. Each Christmas tree topper adds a distinct meaning and significance to Christmas. Say, for instance, the angel tree topper symbolizes Archangel Gabriel who informed mother Mary about the birth of Jesus Christ. Similarly, the star tree topper symbolizes the star of Bethlehem, that guided the shepherds to the stable where Jesus Christ born.

Christmas tree toppers are available in numerous shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can choose from snowman, Santa, reindeer, teddy bears, snowflakes, angels, and Christmas star toppers. These Christmas tree toppers are made from glass, finial tops, and rustic tops. Another attractive tree topper is a lighted top made of fiber optic diodes. One of the simplest and cheapest toppers that you can use for decorating your Christmas tree is a homemade topper made up of cardboard and wrapped with tin foil. Mentioned here are some types of tree toppers that you can look forward for this Christmas.

Pepper Mint Tree Topper
This classy tree topper is made up of glass and is normally manufactured in Poland. Its tree shape and white color perfectly adorns the Christmas tree.

Long Santa Cap
A long Santa cap is red in color and made up of velvet material. It perfectly sits on the top of the Christmas tree. It looks quite attractive in its traditional red color and small jingle bells hanging down the end.

Butterfly Tree Topper
It has a glittering finish and is made up of crystals. This white butterfly with colorful dots perfectly suits the Christmas tree and adds charm to its natural beauty.

Figurine of Santa Claus
This is perhaps the most common tree topper. A wooden figurine of Santa Claus looks great adorned in red and white clothes and completed with a cap. The jingle bells stocked in the hand of Santa makes this tree topper a favorite amongst kids.

Handmade Topper
You can use your creative skills and make some handmade toppers of different dolls, ornaments, angels, animals, and birds. They add a personal touch to the celebrations of Christmas.