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Christmas ornaments made up of variety of vibrant colors and materials give a classy look to your Christmas tree and add charm to your Christmas celebrations!

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments were purely handmade until the mid 19th century. A variety of materials including cloth, wood and pinecones were used by homeowners to make the ornaments. It was during the 1870s when Christmas tree ornaments started appearing on store shelves. These ornaments were made of lead in different geometric shapes. They were also available as stars and in the shape of butterflies. Today, Christmas ornaments are made up of variety of materials that come in vibrant colors to give a classy look to the Christmas tree.

The most widely used Christmas tree ornaments available in the market are colorful balls, Santa, angel, figurines, bows, stars and crest moons, which beautify your Christmas tree. Many people prefer gold or silver ornaments or a combination of few colors. A combination of silver or white and red can also make your Christmas tree look very pretty. Pick the Christmas ornaments in sets of six or less as to ensure variety on your tree. You can also opt for medium to big sized colorful balls to decorate your Christmas tree.

You can make your Christmas tree feel more personal by making Christmas ornaments at your home, as it was done many years back. Make reindeer out of pipe cleaners. Use pine cones to make mini Christmas trees and hang them on your tree. You can also buy some ornaments from the stores and paint them yourself. Another idea is to buy picture frame ornaments and add your favorite photo to personalize your Christmas tree. These picture frame ornaments are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Christmas ornaments are not just limited to decorating Christmas tree. They can be used anywhere and everywhere. A wreath of Christmas ornaments is a festive addition to the front door. A bowl full of Christmas ornaments is an attractive centerpiece. Ornaments added to garland draped in a stairway gives an instant dash of color. The ornaments tied with a sprig of bells and hung from doorknobs look stunning. So, use the versatile Christmas ornaments all through your home and add charm to your celebrations!